Cleaning out chimneys keeps Olathe man on top of things

Though we’ve had a relatively mild winter, many people still enjoy the charm of lighting a fire in their fireplace. Using those chimneys is what keeps Robert Berry and his wife, Mary Jo, busy. They own Full Service Chimney, which specializes in maintaining and cleaning chimneys. The Berrys’ office is based out of their southern … Continued

Full Service Chimney: Fireplace Craftsmen

Some chimney companies just clean or sweep a chimney. Full Service Chimney employs skilled craftsmen who love to re-build fireplaces for our happy and satisfied customers. We use quality tools and techniques such as using a miter saw to make precision cuts, leaving the customer with a beautiful fireplace that will last forever. Contact us … Continued

Knowing when to avoid “fixing it yourself”

Sometimes homeowners feel that they can do any home project or repair. Well, when it comes to home safety especially involving fire, it’s best to leave this work to the professionals. This homeowner decided to clean his pre-fab chimney using his own makeshift ladder. Needless to say, he was unable to clean the built up … Continued

Crumbling Chimney Crown in Need of Repair

This week we had a unique chimney repair in eastern Johnson County, KS. The job was at an older home that had a severely damaged crown along with quite a few utility flue issues.  Despite the challenges in the existing flue, we were able to get the required new liner installed and connected.  The crown required extra … Continued

What good is a crown once it cracks?

What good is a crown once it cracks? A lovely customer of ours in Overland Park was suffering from the effects of a cracked chimney crown leaking water. Some of her bricks were spalling and coming loose and some mortar joints were losing mortar. Luckily for her a permanent repair is available for the tops … Continued