Chimney Sweep

Prefab Fireplace Install in Overland Park

Your Certified Chimney Sweep, Chris, and his team completed this Prefab Fireplace Install in Overland Park, KS. The crew performed a complete demolition of the old fireplace, then remodeled the interior fireplace system with a new facing, a new firebox, and a new factory built liner. Ensuring the home’s heating is up to code for safety … Continued

Congratulations Master Chimney Sweep

Today we celebrate and offer our congratulations to the Original Kansas City Chimney Sweep for being designated the 47th Master Chimney Sweep in America! An accomplishment that is the pinnacle achievement for chimney professionals. A Supporting Team Full Service Chimney Owner, Robert Berry (CSIA#2203), has inspected, cleaned, and repaired local KC area chimneys for over … Continued

Prefab Chimney Rebuild in Leawood

Our crew just finished a Prefab Chimney Rebuild in Leawood, KS that ended with a raving review from a satisfied customer. We asked the crew to share their thoughts about the job and its challenges. Owner of Full Service Chimney and longtime chimney guy, Robert Berry (CSIA #2203) notes that our biggest challenges on this particular … Continued

Chimney Sweep Bird Issues

by Robert Berry Birds in chimneys have, and will always be part of a chimney sweep’s experience. For a midwestern chimney sweep, bird issues start in early spring. Every year, it seems bird removal from chimneys becomes a hot ticket item overnight! The phones ring off the hook throughout summer calling about birds in the … Continued

No Chimney Leaks is Like Christmas in June

Having no chimney leaks… is like Christmas in June.  Wait… What? This video caused mass office confusion today and we’d like to know what you think. Watch the 10-second video clip and listen closely to what you hear the technician say… Funny Story: Everyone in the office thought the technician in the video was saying … Continued

Chimney Academy Opens to Employees

By. Dustin Youngken, Warehouse Foreman Full Service Chimney is pleased to announce the construction of our new chimney training program is complete. The school is open to employees and plays a huge role in the future of our company. A place where novice chimney sweeps can meet with experienced professionals to work on critical skills of … Continued