Dryer Vent Cleaning Kansas City

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Why Dryer Vents Need Cleaned

There are many reasons to Call Full Service Chimney for Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Shorter drying times, longer life from equipment and reduced risk of a dryer fire. Keep in mind, the value in having your dryer vent serviced. The cost of having your dryer vent cleaned, could pay for itself in gas and electrical usage in a few months.

Allow us to service your dryer vent as we have served as your chimney sweep. Full Service Chimney and dryer vent cleaning has been serving the Kansas City Metro for thirty years.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning Kansas City

When was your last maintenance?

A dirty dryer vent clogged with lint and other debris can cause problems such as:

  • Longer drying times
  • Shorter dryer life
  • Wasted energy
  • Most importantly a DRYER VENT FIRE HAZARD

The answer to “why clean your dryer vent” is in the understanding of what happens if your dryer vent is dirty or worse yet, your dyer vent is clogged. When the vent to the dryer becomes soiled with dryer vent lint or animal deposits it will overheat and slow down the rate exhaust exits your home. This creates a back pressure issue that will cause the vent (and dryer) to overheat.

The same heat that dries our clothes may create a dryer vent fire. You can find dryer vent safety tips here.  By hiring Full Service Chimney for chimney and dryer vent cleaning in Kansas City, we can help prevent dangerous or even deadly dryer vent fires from occurring in your home.
Dryer Vent Cleaning Certified Inspector

How Much Does it Cost?

Dryer Vent Cleaning service performed by a trained technician, costs $250 to $350. It takes a dryer vent cleaner about as much time as a chimney sweep and includes several steps to ensure the condition of the dryer vent is suitable for continued use.

A visit from a dryer vent cleaning service in a Kansas City home, typically saves the family the cost of the cleaning in utility costs in less than a year.

How Often Do You Need to Clean a Dryer Vent?

Dryer Vent Cleaning is needed every year, at least. Annual inspection and cleaning of a dryer vent is the recommended interval to this important fire safety maintenance.

The vent will clog with lint much sooner if:

  • The dryer vent is longer than 15 feet with two elbows
  • Excessive use of fabric softener is used in the laundry
  • The dryer vent connector is fastened together with screws, as they allow lint to collect much sooner than if they are properly connected.

Full Service Chimney was featured in a 41 Action News broadcast regarding devastating, yet preventable home fires caused by unclean dryer vents. Watch the video below to learn more about why it is in you and your family’s best interest to contact Full Service Chimney for the most thorough dryer vent cleaning in Kansas City:

Allow your trusted friends at Full Service Chimney to keep both your dryer and chimney safe and functional. Chimney and Dyer Vent Cleaning are services we’ve helped thousands of families within the Kansas City Metro for thirty years.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Kansas City Metro Area

Our Process

This is how Full Service Chimney Dryer Vent Technicians Inspect and Clean a Dryer Vent:


Our trained technicians arrive with the proper equipment to protect your home from mess and service your fireplace, chimney and dryer vent


The dryer/washer will be safely adjusted to gain access to the dryer vent duct


Using dryer vent cleaning tools, a gentle rotary brush and vacuum, they will loosen the dryer vent lint and remove it and other debris from the system


An inspection of the dryer vent termination and lint screen completes the vent servicing


After the washer and dryer are returned to their proper location we will proceed with the inspection


Re-connecting of the dryer to test back pressure and air flow, which ensures the system is performing top notch


Finally, we’ll check the vent exit (dryer vent termination) for proper operation. We want to keep the animals out!