Remodeling Prefabricated Fieplace

One of our Certified Technician, and his repair team completed this Prefab Fireplace Install in Overland Park, KS.

The crew performed a complete demolition of the old fireplace, then remodeled the interior fireplace system with a new facing, a new firebox, and a new factory built liner.

Ensuring the home’s heating is up to code for safety and up to the homeowners standard for beauty. 


The family can now enjoy the hearth room year-round!

Project Details

After a Level 2 Inspection the project started with our Concierge sitting down with the customer and going over design options. Safety is our foremost concern, but for our customers, the end result must be stunning to meet expectations.

So together they reviewed some hearth and fireplace facing styles. With the ability to see and touch the stone veneer and other textures in person, it really helps create a new vision for the living room.

Once the work was quoted and approved, our office and warehouse teams got straight to work on ordering parts and scheduling repair dates for the extensive chimney and fireplace repairs.

Our office and warehouse teams work together to make sure our repair crews are always set up for success!

Prefab Fireplace Install

Our repair technicians first assembled scaffolding on both sides of the house to access two chimneys on opposite sides of the home. Then, detached exterior siding and trim work, so they could start demolition on one indoor fireplace.

Ladder to Roof for Chimney Inspection

Ladder to Roof for Chimney Inspection

Work Performed:

  • Removed old faulty piping
  • Demolition to remove old outdated tile facing and tile on outer hearth.
  • Removed defective prefab fireplace unit
  • Install new factory-built fireplace with 30-ft of new stainless steel piping
  • Rebuild fireplace facing and paint the trim
  • Removed damaged chase covers on two separate chimneys
  • Installed two new, custom-sized, stainless steel chase covers with storm collars
  • Installed a prefab chimney cap on both new prefab units
  • Removed and replaced siding/trim around the top portion of the chimney chase
  • Installed new siding and trim for a nice finish


End Result is a Happy Customer!

A loyal client is the best we can ask for and to achieve that we must provide the a quality service. Through the hard work and dedication of our team, the most positive outcome is a top priority. The image shows the result of one of our happy customers! 

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