We all eventually learn that  All good things come to an end” and “Nothing lasts forever.” It is true that time is the enemy of all things, including a chimney but weather can often accelerate that decay. Although we don’t think of the weather in the summer being harsh, it often is. If you live in Kansas or similar parts of Missouri, the weather can be even more unpredictable.

That is where Full Service Chimney comes in. We are a company dedicated to strengthening the chimney and hopefully extending its life to the home’s next occupants. Improving one’s home is an endurance race against time itself. Not only can we protect the a chimney by slowing down the wear and tear, we can also restore a chimney to its prime condition. The months of June, July and August make up the most advantageous time of year to do chimney repairs. Here are some pros and cons every homeowner should know:


A storm brewing above a masonry chimney

  • pro: Warmer conditions make crown seals and other weather/waterproofing jobs easier and make appointments for this work more available. Read more about other things like Tuckpointing and Leaks
  • con: Storm conditions, such as heavy rain, hail and lighting, can do unimaginable damage to the chimney and roof, which can get expensive.

  • pro: Fortunately for you, Full Service Chimney Technicians are no strangers to communicating with your insurance provider so that you can get the repairs you need.

  • con: Homeowners like to wait until the winter to deal with chimneys and fireplaces.

  • pro: Many discounts are offered from chimney companies at this time of year to remind homeowners how important the chimney is! This is a good incentive whether preparing for burning in the winter or checking its condition as a part of a real estate purchase. 

  • con: Rain is equivalent to acid for a masonry chimney. Not having the masonry protected can lead to further damage.

  • pro: Full Service Chimney can do everything from the initial inspection to repairs to a complete rebuild. We even offer repair payment plans.

  • pro: A certified professional like Full Service Chimney is never hard to find, just check out CSIA.org

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