Great experience with Full Service Chimney from start to finish. What started out as a simple inspection/fireplace refresh turned into a larger project as they found structural damage to chimney and rotted out chimney top. Zach took a lot of time explaining the situation, taking me thru pictures/videos of the damage and putting together a few options on how to move forward. Really appreciated his the time and patience as he helped craft a strategy to dealing with a major, unexpected project.

The team at Full Service then stay in close communication as supplies were ordered and the work was scheduled.

Once the project started Hunter and his team did an amazing job given they were working on a 15 foot chimney high in the air on a steep roof. Every morning he would check in and explain the plan for the day, mid day give me an update and check out for the day with a summary of what was accomplished and the plan for the next day. It was a long project but the team was there working hard every day. After the recent wind storm we had some damage to the tarp covering the chimney opening and Full Service reacted within an hour to get a crew out and fix the situation. The project ended on a high note as even after they finished at 5:30, Hunter came in to do a refresh of the inside of the fireplace and he really took his time and paid attention to the details of getting it all done, no sense of just trying to get done as fast as possible.

All in all a memorable experience. I would have preferred to not have the structural damage but since we had it I was lucky enough to have Full Service alongside to get the issues fixed in a timely and high quality manner. They will be my first call in the future for any kind of chimney/fireplace needs.

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