Apologies as this post is long overdue, but I wanted to say thank you to Sam and Full Service Chimney for your discovery and recommendation on 11/12. What began as a chimney inspection, cleaning, and fix recommendation for our gas powered fireplace turned into a life-saving appointment for me and my family. Unbeknownst to us, carbon monoxide had been pouring into our home for some time through a hidden but corroded hole in the furnace piping. This explained the couple weeks of headaches we had all been experiencing. Sam alerted me to this situation immediately, turning off the furnace and quickly working up some options on how to best proceed. Within 24 hours both the furnace, water heater and piping were replaced, basically saving our lives. We are still digesting this factoid but wanted to attempt to express in words our gratitude for your quick actions and recommendations. I dont want to dwell on what the alternative would have been had I not scheduled with you guys before it got colder forcing the furnace to run for longer periods. I look forward to enlisting your company again to enact your repair recommendations on the chimney. I would recommend your company to anyone who asks and is in need of chimney service. Lesson learned? Be diligent and proactive with these checks before the winter season kicks into high gear to ensure your family’s safety. You never know what might be found. Until our paths cross again, our sincerest thanks and I wish Sam, his family,
and Full Service Chimney a Merry Christmas, and wonderful holiday season…especially for ensuring my family had one.


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