While completing a utility flue inspection in Overland Park, Kansas our technicians came across an abnormal issue. The water heater was letting exhaust enter into the basement of this home. The homeowner also told us that she heard some scratching inside the piping. With this in mind our technicians suspected that an animal had gotten in. Upon further investigation they found the the cap had rusted and broken into pieces. With such a rusted cap, it was unable to do its job of keeping animals and debris out. Once our technicians knew the cause of this issues they knew they had to get it cleaned out. Our certified technicians began cleaning this utility flue just as they would a chimney. With so much debris caught inside the flue they had to run their brushes through it several times before removing the clog. With a cleaning this utility flue now drafts properly, and with the installation of a new cap we can ensure that animals will no longer be an issue.
Technician cleaning utility flue

Here is one of our technicians cleaning out the debris from in the utility flue

Utility flue cap broken into pieces

After completing the utility flue inspection we found the cap rusted and broken into pieces

new cap Full Service Chimney installed on utility flue

Here is the new cap we installed on the utility flue

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