Fireplace & Chimney

4 Myths About Buying Gas Fireplace Products

Let’s review 4 Common myths about buying gas fireplace products. Myth 1: “They Don’t Look Real” How pleasantly surprised our customers are when we share with them the benefits of a gas log fireplace and gas inserts. For example, modern gas log manufacturers style gas log sets using real wood as a mold. This ensures … Continued

How to Fix Chimney Leaks

  If you’re wondering how to fix chimney leaks, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will discuss do-it-yourself leak repairs, but first, we’ll dive right into the how and why of leaky chimneys and different areas you might find a chimney leaking into your home. All chimneys share a common design theme, … Continued

Chimney Soot & Creosote Dangers

  “A little soot outside the fireplace is no big deal right?” WRONG. Soot and creosote dangers are real. Both substances naturally accumulate in fireplaces and flues, that’s why you need a chimney sweep every year, to check things out and sweep away any excessive deposits. Although steps can be taken to minimize deposits, soot … Continued

Convert a Wood Fireplace to Gas

So, you want to convert a wood fireplace to gas? Well, it’s possible and you have options! Changing a fireplace to gas logs or installing a gas fireplace insert is a common home improvement choice that many homeowners have chosen in recent years. If you’re motivated by enjoying a fire without the fuss, no longer … Continued

What are Ventless Gas Logs?

Ventless gas logs are a type of gas appliance that exhausts into the living space of a home. Gas fireplaces, heaters, and logs of this technology are commonly referred to as “vent-free” or “non-vented” hearth products. Consumers want attractive hearth products and no longer have to settle for only wood-burning or traditional vented gas logs. … Continued

Ventless Gas Fireplace | Pros & Cons

Ventless Gas Fireplace and Ventless Gas Inserts offer homeowners an alternative to conventional masonry fireplace chimneys. However, due to safety concerns, caution must be exercised before choosing them for your home’s hearth and comfort. The decision of what type of fireplace you want in your home is never easy. Especially when natural gas or propane gets … Continued

Chimney Inspection Camera

Can you see it? Peeking out of a very unique terra cotta chimney cap… Meet our Chimney Inspection Camera.  We use high-resolution chimney scanning equipment to record the inside of every chimney we service. Doing so provides a digital record for the chimney sweep to show our customers at the conclusion of a Level 2 … Continued

Stop Birds Nesting in a Direct Vent Fireplace

It is important to stop birds nesting in a direct vent fireplace exhaust because what seems like a small (kinda cute) thing, could be a big problem for homeowners. Here’s a recent example: Birds got into a customer’s vent, nested, and ended up costing them the fireplace! I know what you’re thinking… what do you … Continued

Remove Bees or Wasps in the Chimney

Got bees or wasps nest in the chimney flue? You’re not alone and is a common problem in Kansas City during the Spring and Summer months. Bees, wasps, and other stinging vermin can be found in all types of chimney flues! Wood-burning or gas fireplaces, wood stoves and utility flues (otherwise known as gas chimneys) … Continued

What Is Creosote?

If you use your fireplace, then you NEED the FACTS on creosote for the safety of your home. What it is… How it Happens… and What You Can Do About It! Creosote gets stuck inside the walls of a chimney flue when wood is burned. Is it dangerous? Yes. Watch our new video animation to see how we remove creosote from a chimney and how Full Service Chimney can claim to be the “No-Mess” Chimney Sweep in Kansas City! …Continued

Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace Remodeling in the Kansas City Metro Area is a service provided by CSIA Certified Chimney Technicians at Full Service Chimney Are you tired of the dated look of your fireplace? Times change and your fireplace should be a reflection of your home’s style. There is no better time than the present, to make your … Continued

How Much Rain Can a Leaky Chimney Take?

There must be leaky chimney’s all over Kansas City, since it’s been raining in the for over a week! Because mother nature shows no signs of slowing her wrath this Spring season, we figured it best to spread the knowledge regarding the damage that rain can cause a chimney and fireplace. If you have a … Continued

Animals in Chimney

With warmer weather fastly approaching us, we have begun preparing our technicians for animal-related problems. When we hear that an animal has entered a chimney, our first thought is to look at the chimney cap. While this is not always the entry point for the animal, it is our first stop. Other places we look … Continued

Chimney Causing a Home Fire

The idea of renovating a home can be exciting! Being able to put your own spin into the footprint and aesthetics of a house so that it can truly be called home. Of course, that gives you the perfect opportunity to decide what you should do with that fireplace! You want to make your home … Continued