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Our Certified Chimney Inspectors arrive on-time, are clean, friendly and reliable. We practice safe distancing and COVID guidelines for the health of our staff and your family.

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Chimney Cleaning

Your #1 Kansas City chimney sweep company provides fireplace & chimney services.

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Chimney Repair

Your best chimney repair source. Offering prefab or masonry chimney repair, & Gas Chimney Flue Relining Service.

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Chimney Inspection

Always be safe with the chimney inspection service trusted by insurance companies.

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Fireplace Cleaning

Friendly and courteous fireplace cleaning professionals on-time at your door.

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Chimney Cap Installation

Our Certified Technicians install stainless steel chimney caps, damper caps, & offer crown repair.

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Fireplace Installation

Build the dream fireplace you’ve always wanted in your home, or let us repair the one you have.

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Our team is ready to serve you.

Your Local Chimney Experts.

We’re really good at all things chimney & fireplace, including …

Chimney Caps

We specialize in caps. Whether your chimney top needs crown sealing or a complete replacement we can handle any job for masonry chimney or prefab chase covers.

Leak Repair

In order to fix a leak, you must understand the physics of water entry. When it comes to leaky chimneys, nobody understands your chimney leak problems better than us. 

Liner Systems

Our Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Systems are installed by a team of trained professionals. A proper liner system allows you to burn wood or gas in your fireplace with confidence. 

What to Expect …

You will be greeted by a Certified Chimney Sweep with an ID and business card. We will cover your floors and area near your fireplace with tarps to protect your home. We will then have a brief conversation with you about your unique chimney needs. After that conversation, we will formulate a repair plan and answer any questions you may have. At the end of your chimney inspection, you will be provided with a written report with pictures and our findings. 

See All Our Services and the Local Cities to which we provide chimney and fireplace service.

Your Local Chimney Guy and Repair Technician

Ask Your Local Chimney Sweep

Kansas City’s most trusted chimney & fireplace service company is family owned & operated for over 3 decades.

The owner of Full Service Chimney was the first CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep in Johnson County, making us the “Original” Certified Sweep to serve the entire KC Metropolitan area.

Every chimney inspector and repair technician on the Full Service Chimney Team is held to the same standard of professional education and training.

Chimney Care Tips

How to Hire the Best Chimney Sweep in Kansas City

How to Hire the Best Chimney Sweep in KC

Choosing a chimney company is no small matter. You must do your research. Let’s talk about how to hire the best chimney sweep. Because your family’s safety is at stake, choosing the best chimney technician is worth the effort.
Wood Burning Stove

Wood Fireplace Conversion

So, you want to convert a wood fireplace to gas? Well, it’s possible and you have options! Changing a fireplace to gas logs or installing a gas fireplace insert is a common home improvement choice that many homeowners have chosen in recent years…
Fireplace Backdraft Chimney Downdraft Cause Stinky Smoky Problems

Fireplace Backdraft & Chimney Downdraft

Fireplace draft stops smoke from going up the flue like it should, making your time spent by the hearth a smokey mess! Our chimney sweeps get frequent calls from people asking “How to stop fireplace backdraft?” or …

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Our technicians are the best in the industry. They are lead by a Certified Master Chimney Sweep and owner of Full Service Chimney, Robert Berry.

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Full Service Chimney Craftsman of Kansas City

Trade Specialists

As a CERTIFIED KANSAS CITY CHIMNEY SWEEP and CHIMNEY REPAIR SPECIALIST, our service company has dedicated over 30 years to cleaning and repairing the many types of chimneys and fireplaces found in the local metro area.

Chimney Cap Installation & Crown Repairs

The chimney cap is a protective covering or housing for the top of the chimney intended to prevent the entry of rain, snow, animals, birds and to help prevent downdrafts of cold air. The crown is the cement-like material at the top of the chimney that marries the brickwork with the flue tile. The chimney crown’s primary function is to shed water away from the chimney to protect the brickwork.

See the Most Common Chimney Problems people have when their old brick stacks don’t have a proper crown cap!

Masonry Chimney Repair, Rebuilding, & Brick Tuckpointing

Masonry Chimney Repair and chimney rebuilding requires a skilled workmanship. If done poorly, can look unsightly and will soon need to be re-done. Full Service Chimney repair for masonry chimneys is second to none. Masonry repair is what we do full time, and have thirty years of experience in masonry chimney inspection. Should you decide its time for chimney repair, consider our Certified Chimney Inspectors.

Chimney Liner Installation & Flue Repair

A damaged chimney flue liner is a tragedy waiting to happen. As a chimney company that installs only the highest quality stainless steel liner systems, we help keep fire in its place, keeping your family safe. The chimney flue repair will protect the home from sparks, flames and carbon monoxide. A necessary chimney repair to ensure a lifetime of use.

Utility Flue Repair & Gas Chimney Relines

The Gas Flue Vent provides venting for the appliances of your home. Your water heater or furnace flue vents exhaust gases to the outdoors. If your utility flue is blocked or damaged, one possibly fatal result is carbon monoxide back drafting into the home.

Ask us for advice on a gas flue cap and a gas flue chimney liner. Call now for Gas Chimney Service in the Kansas City Area.

Fireplace Repair

We are your local Fireplace Repair experts in Kansas City. Gas Log Installation and Fireplace Damper Repair or replacement are just a few services our technicians can fireplace help you with. Or let us help you with all your Fireplace Remodeling needs.

What Our Customers Say

Zach gave me a time frame in which he'd arrive.. he was on it to a T. Easily one of the most personable, polite, and considerate men I've had the pleasure to do business with.


Awesome service and authentic information. Very professional and knowledgeable and we felt trust in having accurate information to have recommended repairs done after checking the facts ourselves. Zach provided detailed information and photos so we could see the debt of damages that was going on inside our fireplace. We were so pleased with Zach knowledge that we’re sharing this company info in our professional and personal network.


I was extremely impressed with how thorough our technician Chris was during his inspection, especially the printed color inspection report. We have had other companies out at previous homes but nothing like Full Service Chimney. Highly Recommend!


Zach was very nice and informative and answered all of our questions. We will refer to Full Service Chimney Kansas City for any future inquiries, repairs, or inspections and will recommend to anyone in need of a technician. Great service!


We have used them for many years. They are friendly courteous, and take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend them.


Our office team is always ready to help.

Allow the certified professionals at Full Service Chimney to serve your fireplace and chimney needs today.

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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