Are you looking for a career at a growing company with opportunity?

Full Service Chimney is always looking to expand our close-knit team!

*No open positions

Eager to start a career with us?



NEED HELP? Please send your resume as an image JPEG/JPG image.

If you need to send as PDF or Word Doc please email your resume to 

We’re Always Seeking Talented Professionals to Join Our Growing Team!

Our ideal candidates are team players on a mission toward personal and professional development. Excellent communication skills, quality work ethic, and dependability are a must for every member of our team.

We’re a long-standing, family-run business with a fun and friendly culture. We maintain an “open door” policy with a management team who genuinely values new ideas, feedback, and employee engagement!

Full Service Chimney offers a competitive compensation package with unmatched benefits, earned job autonomy, and continued growth opportunity. 

Invest in your future with a company that wants to see you succeed.

We do accept resume submissions, however it is our policy that a standard company application be completed per applicant.

Please note: Open positions are updated often but are not guaranteed. We do our best to make the application process easy. If you run into problems please text our help line: 913-349-8828

Thank you for considering us during your career journey!

Hard Work is Rewarded at Full Service Chimney

Each team member brings an additional attribute to our overall company experience. However, we all have some things in common like dependability and a great work ethic.

From our office staff to field staff, we work as a team of friends. In return for this dedication, we offer large company benefits in a small company setting.

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