Choosing a chimney company is no small matter. You must do your research on a sweep company near you. Now, let’s talk about how to hire the best chimney sweep.


Because your family’s safety from chimney fires and carbon monoxide is at stake, choosing the best chimney technician is worth the effort to ensure a qualified, personal visit.

  • Is the Service Person a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep by the Chimney Safety Institute of America?
  • Look for established chimney service companies who are experienced with systems in your area.
  • Does the certified professional and chimney service have sufficient experience and training with the types of chimney in your area?
  • What experience have other homeowners had with this company?

Protecting You from Fires and CO

Looking to hire the best chimney service in your area?  If you’re like most homeowners in the Kansas City metro, you will eventually need the services of a chimney safety professional.  Kudos to you for taking the maintenance of your home’s chimney seriously.  

Hiring a skilled chimney sweeper, like the hiring of any home service provider, requires a bit of research to ensure the experience is a clean and pleasant one.

When looking for the most qualified individuals for the important task of protecting your family from chimney fires and carbon monoxide (CO), we would like to recommend a few suggestions.

By doing your “due diligence”, finding the best chimney cleaning service that offers solid qualifications and has a long (lengthy) reputation is well worth the effort.

Training and experience is essential for any technician to be considered a professional. This is true for the men and women at Full Service Chimney who service Kansas City’s Chimneys

CSIA Certified Qualifications

Unfortunately, not all chimney companies undergo the riggers to ensure they only send out qualified people.  The Certified Chimney professionals who dedicate themselves to the proper care and cleaning of chimneys are a homeowner’s minimal qualification for reliable chimney care.

A CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® has undergone the steps of study and testing that give the technician the basics necessary for chimney and fireplace cleaning and inspection.  Make sure to inquire if a CSIA Certified Sweep will be present at the job site, when the service is performed.

Experience with Chimneys in Your Area

A chimney service should only send out a chimney sweeper who is experienced and trained under a Master Chimney Sweep, because understanding the various types of fireplaces and venting systems is no small matter. The job requires a skilled professional.

A CSIA Master Chimney Sweep with ten or more years experience should be familiar with the venting systems in your town. Master Sweeps have at least ten years as a Certified Sweep and have a track record of additional training and peer review supervision. A Certified Sweep who works under a Master Chimney Sweep is uniquely qualified to provide both new insight and the knowledge that only comes from years of experience.  You should ask if the chimney technician coming to your home is experienced and qualified for the service you need.

Training and Liability Insurance

Because working on fireplaces and chimneys is both dangerous and dirty work, extra diligence is necessary to ensure that the personnel are safe and the home is protected from mess.  By training the personnel that are doing the work and having liability insurance, a chimney cleaning service is going above average to provide protection for employees and customers alike.  Be sure the chimney company has several technicians who have credentials and they are covered by liability insurance.

Customer Reviews of the Company

Finally, you must consider the sources that track how successfully a company provides satisfactory customer service.  By checking with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google, you can get an idea of how seriously a company takes a good reputation by providing quality work.  Another good source of qualified Chimney companies are neighbors and friends, as they have the same chimney care needs as you do.  Ask about their experiences with the chimney company you’re considering.

Fireplaces, gas flues and wood stoves need routine maintenance and inspection to maintain their proper operation.  Having your fireplace and chimney maintained every year is a necessity regardless if you enjoy a wood burning stove or a gas fireplace.   An annual chimney inspection and cleaning is the only way to make sure your chimney was installed correctly and is operating properly.

Hire the Best Chimney Sweeps in Kansas City
Looking for a Local KC Sweep Service?

At Full Service Chimney we will make your chimney maintenance easy.   Do as thousands of others have, simply hire us, the Best Chimney Sweep in Kansas City.

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