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4 Advantages of Gas Fueled Fireplaces

There are few things better than enjoying the glow, warmth, and comfort of a fireplace in the colder months. Typically, when you think of a fireplace, you imagine the classic wood-burning system, with loud crackles and that distinct and lovely aroma of logs slowly burning; however, many homeowners have switched to gas fireplaces in many instances.

While both wood-burning and gas systems are great assets to your home, there are multiple advantages to installing a gas burning unit.

1. Low-Maintenance

Expert installation is the key to a safe and nearly maintenance-free gas fireplace. These fireplaces don’t produce creosote, which means no clean-up is necessary! If installed properly, an annual inspection from a certified chimney technician is the only maintenance required.

2. Cost-Effective

Gas fireplaces can save you money on heating costs! If your fireplace has a zone heating feature, you can turn off your home’s central heating and heat only the specific room you’re relaxing in. Why spend a fortune on heating costs when you don’t have to?

3. Easy to Operate

It only takes seconds to feel the instant satisfaction of warmth and comfort. Most gas powered models require simple remote controls, switches, or thermostats to turn the fireplace on. Of course, a wood-burning system requires a wood supply, extra time to start your fire, and frequent attention due to the risks of sparks and keeping the fire going over a long period of time.

4. Stylish

Many modern gas fireplace designs add to your home’s style and aesthetic. From beautiful, natural-looking gas logs to color-changing fire glass crystals, the Full Service Chimney technicians will install a fireplace that is visually pleasing, cozy, and comfortable 24/7.


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Gas Fireplace Products

Gas usage in your home is both a lovely convenience and a serious responsibility. Full Service Chimney, Kansas City’s chimney expert, has and will continue to be the trusted company of all of your gas hearth needs.

As with chimneys, maintenance and service are necessary for mechanical equipment to have a long service life. That is why when we install a new direct vent or gas logs, we schedule the first service appointment for the following year. That is one of the many ways Full Service Chimney brings quality service to the metro’s home and hearths needs.

We Offer:
  • A grand selection of ceramic log sets, gas fireplaces, and inserts.
  • New Gas Log Installations; many take less than one day to install.
  • Many other decorative media options to choose from, like glass, stones, or lava rocks.
  • Remote control operation makes it easy to use
  • Regency, Napoleon, and Majestic are a few of the hearth products we carry.

Maintaining Gas Burning Systems

Today’s gas fireplace systems are built with ease of operation in mind. Design components like the oxygen depletion sensor, flame rectification circuitry, thermocouples, and other features make your new gas fireplace a welcome addition to your home.

After spending three decades servicing and installing gas hearth products, we have seen the consequences of substandard installs or customers who decided to hold off on annual servicing.

There are two keys to maintaining your gas fireplace: Expert Installation and Annual Maintenance. Using only trained technicians for the placement of hearth products for our customers, we have developed a reputation for unparalleled satisfaction.

Prefab Firebox with new white panels and Gas logs in Kansas City
Gas logs in a Kansas City Fireplace with Marble Surround
Close up of gas fireplace installation with glass media and lava rocks
Gas Log installation in masonry fireplace

What Our Customers Say

"The crew that came out were very professional, took good care to keep my floor clean and explained every step of their procedure From inspection, to actual procedures, I would recommend this company. They completed the job as promised in the time promised as well. Prompt and great work"


"The workers/technicians were great, very professional and hard workers, it was two very hot days and they did not let the heat slow them down. The work on the chimney looked great, they shared before and after photos and went over all they done at the end of the job. From the time the estimate was done to the completion of the work I have nothing but good to say about everyone inv..."


"Very helpful in an area totally unknown to me, appreciate his patience and professionalism"


"We hired Full Service Chimney to repair flu's in three fireplaces at our lake house that were built incorrectly and would never draw the smoke, hence for 5 years we rarely if ever used them. Now they all three work perfectly!! These guys are incredibly professional, reliable and they communicate effectively every step of th..."

John and Mary Campbell

"I did call Full Service Chimney to ask for advice regarding my old chimney as I was considering to buy a wooden stove to heat the basement. overall the service was very efficient, professional and friendly. They explain the different options to me in detail and now I have a better understanding of what I can and can't do and also the current condition of the chimney. I will recomme..."


When you’re ready to put the ax away… try gas logs to make it easy!

Nothing changes the look and feel of a fireplace quicker or for less cost than a stunning set of gas logs. With the extra effort manufacturers are putting into making their gas logs more “tree-like,” most people have trouble telling them apart from the real thing. Logs are no longer the only option; however, stones and glass beads are popular choices for a contemporary look.

Direct-vent fireplaces and gas inserts also offer various fronts and look that, regardless of if the family wants traditional or contemporary, there is a gas hearth product that’s right for them. 

When it comes to the services and/or products for a wood-burning vs. a gas-burning systems, the processes are drastically different.

Gas hearth products include gas logs, gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, and stoves. Due to the numerous performance and safety features, extensive inspection and delicate treatment of all components is part of our process.

“Gas Fireplace is to Wood Fireplace, as Lightning Bolt is to Lightning Bug!”  –  Bob Berry


Ready to Enjoy the Full Service Difference?

Full Service Chimney is always focused on customer satisfaction. We do that by using the highest quality materials and products. Our team of Certified Technicians offers the best installation services in the Kansas City area for new gas fireplaces and ceramic gas log sets.

There are unlimited hearth products available on the market today. Which is why we choose to partner with only the best brands and offer select models that deliver unparalleled performance without compromising beauty.

Not just the right products but the right team, for support, before and after installation.

If you simply want to better enjoy your fireplace or you are wanting something different for those special moments with family and friends, give one of our certified technicians a call today 913-642-6171. 

Describe your situation to us over the phone and see if we are not everything you need to become your “sweeps for life”.

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