Chimney Flashing Repair

Your chimney flashing serves as the water barrier between the roof and the brickwork to help prevent leaks. Without sturdy flashing, water enters the roof and attic causing chimney leaks.

A leaky chimney can be avoided with professional waterproofing, a well-built chimney crown and chimney flashing constructed properly. Our leak repairs are tested rigorously before completion.

Full Service Chimney provides chimney flashing repair and replacement for the entire Kansas City metro area, and has done so for 30 years.  We have over 16,000 satisfied customers to show for it!

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Flashing Repair or Replacement

Chimney Flashing Repair and replacement must be performed if the chimney flashing is compromised due to age or injury. If damage is allowed to remain, chimney leaks and damage to chimney and home will be the result. Full Service Chimney Service has provided Kansas City area home owners chimney flashing repair services and options for thirty years. We examine your chimney to find the cause of chimney leaks. Only then can chimney flashing repair stop water entry at the roof flashing.

Chimney Flashing is essential to keeping your home and hearth safe and dry. Think of chimney flashing as the “weather stripping” between your home and masonry or prefab chimney. As water drains off the shingles of your roof, water should flow around your chimney flashing.

Step Flashing has the job of diverting water from the roof away from the chimney. Also, when rain falls on your chimney, water will flow down the sides to the roof. As water spills off the chimney crown onto the brick work, it flows downward to the roof.

Counter Flashing helps the rain water coming off the chimney to flow away from the attic and onto the roof. When chimney flashing is properly installed and maintained, chimneys and homes stay dry and avoid costly repairs for the homeowner.

How much does it cost to replace flashing?

$1000.00+ is an average starting cost of chimney flashing replacement when installed at the time of chimney rebuilding or roof replacement. If Chimney rebuilding isn’t needed, and only chimney flashing repair or replacement is requested, then it will typically cost more. Chimney flashing repair and replacement is a frequent chimney service for the trained technicians of Full Service Chimney. Many families enjoy the effects of our efforts to keep their Kansas City homes safe and dry.

How do you install flashing?


To properly install chimney flashing on your home, we must first remove the shingles that border the chimney brickwork.


Then, replace the step flashing, starting at the lowest point of the roof, weaving together shingles and the flashing in a proper order.


Once the step flashing is installed on the roof, chimney counter flashing is installed into the chimney bricks. Chimney counter flashing is shaped like an upside down “L” and requires a groove in the chimney brickwork. By installing the short tab of the “L” into the cut groove and sealing with caulking, a strong waterproof bond is formed that will ensure water flows to the roof, not the attic, which helps to prevent chimney flashing leaks.

What is a chimney cricket?

The roofs on our homes must drain the rain water that falls on them. If they didn’t, the weight of heavy rain water could cause the roof to collapse. Roofs are pitched or slanted to encourage the draining of water for this reason. If there is a chimney chase coming through our pitched roof, it will be an obstacle to easy water flow. It is for this reason chimney crickets are a frequent chimney flashing repair.

A Chimney Cricket is a specialty type of chimney flashing that diverts the water flow on the roof so rain drains around the chimney rather than against it.

Missing or leaky chimney crickets are so common that the IRC building code requires chimney crickets be installed on all chimneys 30” or wider. If you’re experiencing chimney leaks on the high side of your chimney flashing, then contact Full Service Chimney Repair Service for a chimney inspection and chimney flashing repair if needed.

Can Sealer Be Used to Stop Leaks?

Oh yes! Chimney flashing that has a few gaps and cracks and is just starting to show signs of a chimney leak can be helped with the chimney flashing repair of flashing sealer.

When Full Service Chimney sweeps are asked to seal flashing around a chimney, we use the chimney flashing repair product called FlashSeal. It is a two part chimney repair kit that uses a heavy fabric and elastomeric sealant to form flexible waterproof repair. Chimney flashing sealer is a common chimney repair that we can frequently provide the service on our very first visit to your home.

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