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10 Reasons To Inspect Your Chimney

1. Verify Safety & Function

A fireplace needs to function properly in order to be safe to use. A Chimney Inspection is recommended yearly to help maintain a working chimney and fireplace venting system.

2. Missing a Cap

If your chimney is missing a cap, then you need an evaluation. Caps keep animals and debris out of your chimney. To prevent damage, you’ll need a cap, and that starts with an inspection.

3. Prevent Animal Entry

Animals love chimneys. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, and more. We can help stop animals from getting inside your chimney and fireplace.

4. Diagnose Issues

Fireplace problems come in many forms. From chimney leaks to downdrafts, we can help detect the issues and diagnose the problem. Then we solve it.

5. Detect Hidden Problems

Responsible homeowners know annual maintenance is necessary to keep a home safe while you live there and the property value up if you ever decide to sell.

6. Change Fuel Source

If you’d like to switch your gas fireplace to woodburning or convert a wood fireplace to gas, then you need an inspection to make it happen.

7. Troubleshoot Water Leaks

Water is one of the worst things that can happen to your chimney. Stay ahead of it by hiring a chimney inspector to evaluate your home from the chimney to the fireplace.

8. Chimney Flue Fires

If you’ve had a flue fire in your chimney, then your home insurance may pay for your chimney inspection, cleaning, and possibly repairs.

9. Weather & Seasonal Damage

Wind, water, lightning, and heavy storms can wreak havoc on your chimney over time. Annual inspections can help minimize the need for major repairs.

10. Masonry Repairs Needed

If your chimney or fireplace has noticeable damage to the brick or stone masonry, then it’s time for an inspection. The earlier we catch damage the more you’ll save on repairs.

Trust Your #1 Chimney Inspection Team in KC

If your home has a fireplace, then its chimney requires an inspection once per year.

Full Service Chimney Inspectors maintain chimneys in the Kansas City area.

Chimney Cleaning Kansas City

We Offer 3 Levels of Inspection

At Full Service Chimney our Certified Chimney Inspectors offer three levels of inspections, providing homeowners the necessary chimney service depending on their level of need.

If a chimney inspection reveals a repair is needed, then your Full Service Chimney sweep offers options for chimney repairs, depending on how the fireplace will be used.


Level 1

During a Level 1 Inspection, we check your chimney and fireplace for blockages and the readily accessible portions of the system and give the hearth space a fireplace inspection.


Level 2

A Level 2 Inspection includes a video evaluation of the chimney flue liner, to ensure the condition of the chimney flue liner is in serviceable condition. When warranted, your certified chimney sweep can also perform an examination of the hearth and chases using U.V. technology.


Level 3

A level 3 inspection of a fireplace/chimney would dictate the removal of concealing material and determining the condition of otherwise unseen portions of the system. While level 3 evaluations are more rare, they do happen occasionally.

*Level 2 Chimney Inspection is the most common evaluation we perform for local Kansas City area residents. Accessible areas of your basement, attic, and roof are often the places our Certified Chimney Inspector will visit during a level 2  chimney inspection.

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Your Inspection Report Matters

When called to evaluate a fireplace and chimney or gas chimney, our Certified Technicians first discuss with you how you’re enjoying the fireplace and your plans for the venting system. We take the time to understand any issues you’re having. 

Chimney Inspection Kansas City Service Area

Then, using a multipoint process, covering various parts of the chimney and fireplace, we evaluate and take photos. Depending on the type of evaluation warranted, the appropriate level of inspection is performed. This simple process allows your Chimney Sweep to troubleshoot fireplace problems and help you find the right solutions.

Your chimney is only as good as it’s inspection report.Robert Berry | Owner & Master Chimney Sweep

Do We Need a Chimney Inspection?

Annual chimney and fireplace inspections are just as important as having your chimney swept regularly. Chimneys, like the rest of our homes, develop issues from use and exposure to the elements.

Your Chimney flue liners and hearths may have changed since they were originally installed. These changes can lead to a fireplace smoking into the home and causing dangerous indoor conditions.

Full Service Chimney provides the proper inspection with every chimney sweeping visit.

Stay Warm & Cozy with a Fireplace that Works When You Need it Most!

Responsible homeowners know the health of a fireplace’s chimney system is just as important as whether or not it’s clean.

Why? Because using a masonry fireplace or gas chimney without knowing its safe is an unnecessary risk!

To keep your homes fireplace and gas appliance chimneys working properly, then you need a chimney inspection at least once per year. 

Choose a Certified Inspector 

A Level II is our most common level chimney Inspection. However, say you’re interested in changing your fireplace. Converting wood to a gas fireplace is a common fireplace remodeling project. The Level 2 Chimney Inspection is appropriate. If after a Level II chimney inspection, it is discovered that an unsafe condition may exist in a concealed area, we will suggest a Level III chimney inspection.

Our staff makes getting a quote for your fireplace’s chimney cleaning easy! Call 913-642-6171 to speak with a Certified Sweep today.

What Our Customers Say

"Very helpful in an area totally unknown to me, appreciate his patience and professionalism"


"Shane and Kevin arrived about 10:30 a.m. on August 27 to replace two chimney caps at our home- -one concrete and the other galvanized steel. They were courteous and professional. Needless to say, the most difficult part of the work was setting up the scaffolding, protecting the gutter and laying the ladders on the roof to protect the roof. Where they had to drill holes in the roo..."


"We have used them for many years. They are friendly courteous, and take pride in their work. I would definitely recommend them."


"The crew at Full Service Chimney are true professionals. Zach is my certified chimney technician and he is thorough, efficient, and friendly. I have an older home and always need to know my chimney/fireplace safe for use. When I had my repairs completed - They gave me a full camera and written report on the repairs I needed. They then worked with my budget to get me the best repairs..."


"The workers/technicians were great, very professional and hard workers, it was two very hot days and they did not let the heat slow them down. The work on the chimney looked great, they shared before and after photos and went over all they done at the end of the job. From the time the estimate was done to the completion of the work I have nothing but good to say about everyone inv..."


Chimney Inspections in 

Kansas City

Full Service Chimney provides fireplace & chimney inspections in Kansas City and surrounding area.

Local families have trusted us to help maintain their chimney & fireplace systems for over three decades. We can help you too! Call us to book an inspection today.

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