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What is the Purpose of a Fireplace?

Although simple in appearance, the beauty and warmth received by a fireplace require it to be a carefully engineered appliance that, if maintained properly, can last for over 100 years. At Full Service Chimney, we work to make your fireplace the cozy fixture it was meant to be with the same quality repair service that the residents of Kansas City have counted on for over thirty years.

Your Fireplace Has Two Jobs

  • Keep heat in the fireplace firebox from coming into contact with nearby combustibles like walls, the mantle, and flooring.
  • With the chimney’s help, the fireplace carries smoke and exhaust upwards and out of the home for safe operation.

When to Replace Your Fireplace?

Fireplace replacement is often the only choice you will have when your prefabricated or outdated fireplace has outlived its ability to provide reliable performance and safety. Unfortunately, many older prefabricated fireplaces do not have replacement parts available and some older fireplaces lack the ability to be repaired due to their design.

Whether you just want to update the look or need to protect your home from fire danger when in use, Full Service Chimney can help meets your needs.

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Fireplace?

New prefabricated fireplaces can be purchased at most big box stores for around $500; however, the bulk of the expense will likely come from the professional installation required for use. When considering the enjoyment and added value that a new fireplace provides to your home, the benefits outway the costs.

Trust Your Local Fireplace Repair Experts

The reason our customers return every year is trust. Full Service Chimney sweeps have repaired or replaced more fireplaces and their connected chimney systems than any other service company in the greater Kansas City Metro area. 

Our team of CSIA Certified Technicians can help you too!

Fireplace Repair Kansas City

Common Fireplace Problems

1. Chimney Soot or Creosote Build-up

The build-up of soot or creosote within the fireplace is a common cause of many problems. Whether you are using a wood or gas fireplace, you still produce carbon monoxide, smoke, water vapor, soot and sometimes creosote during normal use.

2. Water Leaking into Firebox from Flue

Fireplaces are often susceptible to water damage if a chimney leak is present. In fact, a leaky chimney can cause thousands of dollars in damage or lead to a water leak inside the home.

3. Firebox Damage

As you continually use your fireplace, the masonry can become damaged. You will typically see cracks flaking, staining, etc. When this happens, the heat from your fires can weaken the wood and frame surrounding the fireplace which can result in structural damage and even fire.

4. Broken Dampers Need Fixing or Replacement

The chimney fireplace damper will often serve as a “valve” that closes off the fireplace flue when not in use. When a damper doesn’t function properly, smoke may be held indoors or heating costs of your home would rise.

5. Gas Systems Need Regular Maintenance

While they may seem like a better option, gas fireplaces need servicing just as often as their wood-burning counterparts.

6. Smoke & Cold Air Coming Down Your Chimney

Smoke leaking from your fireplace and cold air coming down your chimney are common fireplace problems that every hearth lover has experienced at one time or another.

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Before & After

Let us repair your firebox to help restore the safe use while updating the look of your room that hosts your fireplace.

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Firebox Reconstruction

Allow our Certified Technicians to rebuild your firebox and make the most your gas or wood burning system.

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Restore or Replace

Whatever your fireplace needs, the Full Service Chimney Team can provide!

Check out a few before and after pictures of firebox repairs in progress. We can help you patch it up or completely restore your fireplaces to rejuvenate your home.

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Make it Modern

Update your old masonry stone firebox with a more modern firebrick or panel. Our Certified Technicians can provide you with the best options for your unique setup at the conclusion of your inspection.

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Firebox Repairs

It’s often possible to repair your firebox and use your existing set of logs to create an entirely new look. 

Gas Log Fireplace-Repair-Firebox

Gas Log Installation

Revive your fireplace with a new set of gas logs to provide the ambiance you’ve been dreaming

What Our Customers Say

"They a great job and we’re very professional. I will definitely use Full Service Chimney again."


"Every step of the process from scheduling, getting an estimate, and ultimately with the on-site workers was professional, polite, and respectful of both my time and my family. Special kudos to Shane and his partner for their work. What was meant to be a 4-day job turned into 5 and easily could have been 6 or 7 if not for their hard work and determination to not only finish the repa..."


"Arrived on time and completed the job as promised. Both friendly and professional, answered all the questions I had after the installation was complete. Very happy with the fireplace gas insert that was installed!"


"Everyone was very professional and courteous even when there was a problem with the gas line connection in the fireplace. They stayed until the problem was fixed which delayed their next project. I am very pleased with the results and the professionalism of everyone who worked on the project.  This was the second project at my home and was very pleased both times.  <..."

Beverly Wicker

"We were very pleased with the professionalism and the quality of work that was done."


Your #1 KC Fireplace Restoration Team

Full Service Chimney sweeps have repaired and replaced tens of thousands of fireplaces and chimneys in the Kansas City area. We can help you too!

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