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Need your chimney swept? Then you’ve come to the right place. Regular maintenance of a chimney and fireplace system is essential for safety and optimal performance. Chimney/fireplace cleaning is an annual service offered in combination with our inspections.

Full Service Chimney has been serving residents in Kansas City for over 36 Years, giving us an edge on flue sweeping with local expertise. Plus, each of our technicians is highly trained, allowing us to provide you with the best possible chimney sweeping services. Partner with a team that Kansas City residents have been counting on for decades. 

5 Reasons to Clean Your Chimney

1. Preventing Fires

Chimney Soot Creosote Dangers are dangerous substances that naturally accumulate in wood-burning fireplaces. Too much creosote build-up is a ticking time bomb, acting as the catalyst for a chimney fire. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), only 1/8” of sooty build-up is enough to cause a fire. A chimney fire would not only be detrimental to your chimney system, but it could also destroy your entire home. Secure the safety of your hearth and home by scheduling an inspection and cleaning with one of our CSIA Certified Technicians.

2. Protecting the Flue

An annual chimney cleaning by an experienced professional will significantly increase the lifespan of your chimney’s flue liner and ensure your home’s safety. The flue is the gateway that takes harmful toxins, smoke, and gas to the outdoors. Suppose the chimney flue becomes compromised by an excessive build-up of creosote and soot. In that case, it can cause the fires as mentioned above. It could also allow exhaust fumes to enter your home, leading to health concerns for everyone inside.

3. Improve Heating Efficiency 

One of the top benefits of owning a fireplace is the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively heat your home. Of course, if your fireplace and chimney become clogged by excessive amounts of soot or creosote, then it will fail to efficiently heat your home. An annual chimney cleaning will keep your home feeling warm, comfortable, and cozy throughout the winter months.

4. Remove Obstructions or Discover Pests

Chimneys are a frequent nesting place for birds, squirrels, and other outdoor critters and other obstructions! Suppose you attempt to start a fire with a clogged chimney. In that case, the smoke cannot properly escape outside, risking carbon monoxide poisoning. Trying to burn away the obstructions is very dangerous! Hire a certified professional to remove blockages safely. 

5. Prevent a Smelly Chimney

In the warm months, a smelly chimney is one of the most common signs that your chimney needs cleaning. The smell is likely a result of creosote, soot, and animal obstructions building-up, moisture entering the chimney, or negative air pressure in the home. Avoid the stinky chimney experience altogether by scheduling your annual chimney sweep appointment with Full Service Chimney. 

Keep Your Chimney Clean and Safe

Have you been looking for a chimney service company that takes care of every aspect of chimney cleaning? Are you in need of a service that gets your fireplaces cleaned out and prevents fire hazards from debris buildup in your chimneys?

If you’ve found yourself hunting for “chimney sweep near me” on Google hoping to find a reliable chimney sweep in Kansas City, your search is over.  

The expert chimney and fireplace technicians on our team keep Kansas City chimneys clear of creosote buildup and soot. Count on a team to help with chimney sweeping and fire safety checks to ensure that your home is protected from potential fire hazards.

Get started with Full Service Chimney, a Kansas City chimney sweep that knows how to care for your home. 

Johnson County’s Local No-Mess Chimney Sweep

We’re proud to be a Johnson County Chimney and Fireplace Company, dedicating over 36 Years to maintaining the safety and integrity of fireplaces and gas heating systems in your local area neighborhoods. Servicing many types of chimneys found across the Greater KC Metro, Full Service Chimney masters the craft of clean chimney sweeping for the best possible experience every time.

Now you may have some general questions, and we have answers.

How Does a Chimney Get Dirty?

Chimney’s get dirty by a build-up residue; we call soot and creosote. Both naturally occur by burning gas and wood. Without a proper cover on a chimney top, animals, tree leaves, twigs, or other natural elements can enter the chimney leaving behind a trail of environmental debris.

Similar to how a table gets dusty, whether it’s used or not… Over time, a chimney gets dirty whether you burn wood or maintain the fireplace just for its beauty and aesthetic value that a nice hearth adds to a home.

How Often Do You Need a Chimney Sweeping?

More often than not, customers call to schedule an appointment due to the foul odor from the messy soot and creosote.

As mentioned above, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that a fireplace be swept if 1/8-inch of build-up is present. (Even sooner if you notice smelly glazed creosote!)

All of your furnaces, flues, and gas fireplaces need annual chimney service to maintain good performance levels and to reduce the chance of carbon monoxide leaks into your home. 

Trust Your Chimney and Fireplace Experts

Full Service Chimney has cleaned tens of thousands of chimneys in the Kansas City area. We can help you too!

Check our Locations page to see if we service to your local neighborhood.


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We Offer Comprehensive Fireplace and Chimney Care

There are many different aspects to maintaining a fireplace and its chimney. That’s why the Full Service Chimney team doesn’t just focus on one area and call it a day. Instead, we make sure that your home’s hearth is well kept and maintained by offering a variety of services, including: 

See All Our Services 

No matter what service you require, we’ll make sure to get you squared away so that you can enjoy a comfortable, hazard-free home. Every technician on our team is well versed in the world of chimney sweeping, fire safety inspections, and much more. 

Whether you’re looking for home maintenance to keep your house free of fires or require upgraded parts to your fireplace system, the experts at Full Service Chimney have the knowledge and skills needed to help.  

Our Certified Inspectors Do Not Cut Corners

The key to your trouble-free chimney service experience is proper preparation.

Our technicians are skilled individuals who have taken the extra time to learn the chimney trade and become Certified Professionals who strive to serve local area homes and families.

When one of our CSIA Certified Chimney Inspectors visits your home, there is nothing left to chance. In addition to basic operations, we also take time to find out what customers expect from us. Learn What to Expect at Your First Appointment.

We Listen to Your Concerns

During your initial consultation, the details are important because they let us know what to look out for to help detect any underlying conditions while cleaning your fireplace and chimney. When our customers express concern, we actually listen.

A short conversation is part of our inspection process. It allows our Technician to understand how your fireplace is operating and determine whether you’ve experienced any recent issues.

It’s surprising how the little details from this quick and friendly chat can help us catch issues that we may have otherwise missed! These extra moments allow us to identify the true cause of your fireplace troubles and solve them to prevent future problems. 

Chimney Repair Technician on Roof

What Our Customers Say

"We had Full Chimney reline the chimney on our 35 year old house and put on a new crown. The initial inspector provided photographic evidence of need for repair. We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and the politeness of the two man crew, Jacob and Ian. Jacob, the lead tech, carefully explained all our questions and took pains to avoid disturbing plantings around the..."


"Great service and very thorough."


"I highly recommend Full Service Chimney for anyone needing a Kansas City Chimney Sweep. Following a routine chimney inspection the experts at Full Service Chimney quickly identified a major defect in the utility flue system in my chimney. Due to the severity of the situation they adjusted their schedule to get the repair team onsite as soon as possible. My top two concerns when d..."


"Sam did a great job cleaning our chimney in our new house. He was on time, courteous, and very professional. He recommended a few additional services, but also informed me it would not be unsafe to use the chimney until we had the available funds. If we end up fixing, we will absolutely use Full Service Chimney again."


"The crew was great. Very pleasant and workmanship was great. Will recommend very highly."


Your Best Chimney and Fireplace Services in the KC Metro Area

Over the past 3 decades, our team has swept over 16,000 thousand flues in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. We can help you too!

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