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7 Most Common Chimney Issues

1. Utility Flue Blockages

If your utility flue is blocked or damaged, one possible result is carbon monoxide back drafting into the home, which is extremely dangerous.


2. Carbon Monoxide Leaking Into Home

Outdoor debris or broken flue tiles can block the flue pipe that vents your gas appliances, causing people inside the home to suffer fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.


3. Missing Gas Flue Chimney Cap

All chimneys need a cap, including gas flue caps installed on a gas furnace or hot water heater. Many problem arise when a chimney flue is without a cap.


4. Gas Flue Liner Deterioration

If a gas log fireplace has gaps or cracks in its chimney flue liner, the exhaust will not draw properly, causing a back draft.


5. Condensation

Flue gas exhaust is saturated with water vapor.  This dampness will speed up damage, otherwise avoided.


6. Efflorescence

Gas chimney water issues damage brickwork, flue liners, and cause a white chalky residue called efflorescence. If you see this substance, then it is likely damage is already present.


7. Improper Connectors

Gas furnaces and water heaters use pipes to attach the appliances to the chimney. If the connectors are improperly installed or damaged, then it will cause drafting and other issues that may allow carbon monoxide (CO) to back up inside the home.

Trust Your Gas Chimney Service Experts

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you may still need a Chimney Sweep!

If you have any gas utility in your home, it must be serviced annually. Full Service Chimney sweeps maintain gas chimney flues in the Kansas City area.

If you have a Gas Furnace or Water Heater, then we can help you too!

Gas Furnace Chimney Flue Vent Service

What Makes a Gas Furnace Safe?

Gas Chimney Service

What is the Purpose of a Gas Flue Vent?

When properly maintained, your gas flue provides safe and reliable venting of utility flue gases to the outdoors. That way your family can enjoy warm water and heat in the cold months of winter.

Does a Gas Chimney Need Cleaning?

Furnace flues and gas chimneys, like any other part of your home, will offer the least trouble if well maintained. Furnace Flue Servicing is needed every year depending on the type of appliance and gas flue that needs chimney service. 

Cost to Replace Gas Chimney Liner

The cost to replace or repair a gas flue liner system can often be under $2000. The cost of installing a stainless steel liner for a gas flue depends on several factors: 

  • Height of the furnace flue
  • Length of the flue liner
  • BTUs of the gas appliances

All this will affect the cost of a gas chimney repair. Keep in mind the final price will still be far cheaper than the resulting damage or danger of having an improper gas flue liner.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Furnace flues and water heaters need regular maintenance. Gas furnace chimney liners are exposed to exhaust containing water vapor and acidic materials that damage the gas chimney’s flue tiles. It eats away at the mortar and gas flue tiles in the flue.

For this reason gas appliances need a chimney inspector to visit yearly to evaluate the vent pipes condition and clean sweep the flue if necessary.

What Our Customers Say

"Full Service Chimney is a reliable and caring company. They are fast, efficient, and friendly. Zach Myers is my certified chimney technician and I would highly recommend the company and his work to anyone looking for fireplace repairs/inspections/cleanings. "


"We had our chimney removed and the team was fantastic! They were great to work with, communicated about everything, answered all our questions, etc. It was quieter than I expected and the team cleaned up everything everyday. I recommend them to all of our friends!!"


"Zach and the rest of the young men working were dedicated to giving us a quality job. They had to work a few extra days to complete the task, properly. I appreciate the time and effort to ensure the work was completed with high quality. The repairs were made to make sure water didn't leak into our home. Shortly after the repair was completed, it rained and it rained hard. But noth..."


"The crew was great. Very pleasant and workmanship was great. Will recommend very highly."


"Good people, honest and fair. We are happy with the work they’ve done so far on our grandma’s home in Overland Park."


Your Kansas City Gas Furnace and Water Heater Experts

Full Service Chimney provides gas chimney service for gas furnaces and hot water heaters in the Kansas City area.

Let us help maintain the chimney flues that vent your gas utilities.

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