What Kind of Wood is Good to Burn?

  • Wood such as Oak, Cherry, Ash, Mulberry, Hackberry and other types of hardwoods are good to burn in your fireplace.
  • All wood has the same Btu potential per pound. Hardwoods are more dense in that they have less airspace in between the wood cells than softwoods, therefore, there is more energy produced when burning a piece of hardwood as opposed to a piece of softwood.
  • Logs such as Duraflame and other “manufactured” logs found at supermarkets can be burned in a fireplace. The logs are usually made from compressed sawdust, copper sulfate and paraffin wax. Although they burn cleaner, some fireplace users dislike the odor that the wax creates.
  • Never burn more than one of these manufactured logs at a time in a fireplace.
  • Poking or breaking apart a manufactured log in the fireplace will cause it to burn all at once, making a very hot fire.
  • Never burn manufactured logs in a wood burning stove.