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11 Most Common Chimney Repairs

1. Cap Replacement

Your chimney is missing a chimney cap, allowing nearby rain and animals to enter freely. Chimney Caps keep water, birds, and other pests or debris out of your chimney. While keeping unwanted things out, the chimney cap still allows smoke to exit. A stainless steel chimney cap with spark arrestor does the job and it will never rust. Allow your local Full Service Chimney Sweep to install the last chimney cap you ever buy.

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2. Crown Cap

The crown or chase cover is the roof of a chimney. Made of reinforced cement, the crown will protect your masonry chimney from rain and debris by shedding water away from the flue tiles. Ask us about an overhanging crown for a lasting Chimney Repair.

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3. Masonry Chimney Repair

The same brick and mortar used for chimneys a thousand years ago are still used today. Due to time and changing seasons, your brick chimney will develop spalling brick and require tuck-pointing after a few years. Once serious damage occurs chimney rebuilding is required to maintain the integrity of your chimney system. Our certified contractors can help you with all brick chimney repairs locally.

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4. Waterproofing Service

During cold weather, your masonry chimney gets wet and freezes. The ice inside the brick and mortar causes cracking and spalling of the bricks. The Certified Technicians at Full Service Chimney have protected thousands of Kansas City chimneys from annual freeze and thaw damage. We will gladly do the same for you, with our chimney waterproofing service.

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5. Flashing Installation

Chimney flashing prevents water from entering your home through the roof. Loose or leaky chimney flashing causes extensive damage, often without the homeowner noticing. We find water stains on ceilings to be one major sign of chimney leak damage. If you see unsightly watermarks appearing, then it means your chimney is not protected from rain and snow. You’ll want the flashing professionals at Full Service Chimney to evaluate and repair your chimney flashing as soon as possible.

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6. Flue Liner Installation

The chimney liner carries exhaust from your fireplace (or furnace flue) to the outdoors. A defective flue liner will hinder the draft of your fireplace and may allow heat, fire, and/or fumes to reach your home. Our Full Service Chimney Repair Specialists install the best stainless steel chimney liners in your furnace or fireplace system. Every steel flue liner we install comes with a Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty.

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7. Fireplace Damper

The chimney damper is your fireplaces door to the outside. When a damper cannot close tightly, air-conditioning and heat leaks out of your home. The cost of a new fireplace damper can be recouped the first year in utility savings. We, at Full Service Chimney, offer the very best damper repair and replacement options for your fireplace.

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8. Gas Furnace & Water Heater Flues

Gas furnace and water heaters exhaust through a flue vent similar to the liner in your fireplace. The gas exhaust contains carbon monoxide and is extremely hazardous to your health, and exposure can even be fatal. Full Service Chimney Sweeps are the local experts in Gas Chimney Repair Service and annual maintenance. Allow us to deliver you the best in chimney care and keep your gas utility flues clean and working properly for you year-round.

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9. Stainless Steel Chase Covers

Factory-built chimneys have metal chimney crowns. Chase covers protect your chimney chase from water and animal entry. Ask our local certified professionals about chimney chase repair. We will gladly exchange your old leaky chimney chase cover for a sparkling new stainless steel chase cover to help prevent weather and water damage to your home.

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10. Complete Prefab Chimney Systems

Prefab chimneys are common in Kansas City homes. These factory-built systems offer a cost-effective alternative to masonry chimneys. However, your prefab unit has a limited lifespan, so annual cleaning and inspections are essential to maintain the integrity of your gas or wood-burning system. Our Full Service Chimney contractors repair and replace faulty prefab chimneys on a regular basis and will do the same for you.

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11. Prefabricated Fireplace Installation

Prefab fireplaces are factory-built and designed to burn wood or gas in a tested and listed hearth product. The key to long service life is the proper installation and continued maintenance of your fireplace system. Allow our Certified Chimney Inspectors to evaluate and clean your prefab fireplace at least once per year, to keep the cozy moments by the fire safe for you and your loved ones.

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Your #1 Chimney Repair Company in Kansas City

While keeping your chimney and fireplace clean is crucial, we find chimney repair unavoidable in many local Kansas City area homes. The many chimney repairs we perform are all critical to keeping a home safe. For three generations, our Full Service Chimney contractor team has built chimneys for you and your neighbors.

We handle all your chimney care needs, including both wood-burning and gas fireplace maintenance. Whether your home requires light tuckpointing or complete chimney rebuilding, our Certified Technicians do the job right, every time.

Chimney Repair Kansas City Area

What Our Customers Say

We had Full Chimney reline the chimney on our 35 year old house and put on a new crown. The initial inspector provided photographic evidence of need for repair. We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and the politeness of the two man crew, Jacob and Ian. Jacob, the lead tech, carefully explained all our questions and took pains to avoid disturbing plantings around the chimney base and cleaned up very well after they were finished. We highly recommend this company to others.


Honest, helpful, clean, and actually helped us learn about the way our chimney works. We had our chimney relined and the crown rebuilt. From the estimate through the final days of work, everything about working with Full Service was outstanding. Jake rebuilt the top of our chimney masterfully with some old bricks we had in the back yard, and it looks brand new. We're super pleased with the way it turned out, and we're confident that the work was well done.


First, I had my chimney inspected and Sam Berry did a great job of showing me what was amiss making my fireplace not safe to use. He used a camera that went all the way up to the top. He explained what needed to be done, and I agreed to have Full Service do the work. Accommodating my schedule, they came out a week and a half to 2 weeks later. Three very courteous guys arrived to do the work. They put tarps down to protect the floors. They had 2 vacuums working, so there was really no dust, as they knocked out clay flue tiles to be replaced with a stainless steel flue pipe. That pipe is guaranteed for life-even if I sell the house. The guys were the nicest workers I’ve ever had in my home. I highly recommend this company.


They were prompt and provided great service (even though it was probably 95 degrees outside and not a great day to be working on a chimney!)


Awesome service and authentic information. Very professional and knowledgeable and we felt trust in having accurate information to have recommended repairs done after checking the facts ourselves. Zach provided detailed information and photos so we could see the debt of damages that was going on inside our fireplace. We were so pleased with Zach knowledge that we’re sharing this company info in our professional and personal network.


Full Service Chimney is the company your neighbors have trusted for over 33 Years in all things chimney repair.

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