Testimonials & Customer Reviews 

Here you’ll find testimonials and reviews from customers of Full Service Chimney in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Watch interviews from local residents and business owners who’ve experienced the best local chimney & fireplace service company.

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What Our Customers Say


"We hired Full Service Chimney to repair flu's in three fireplaces at our lake house that were built incorrectly and would never draw the smoke, hence for 5 years we rarely if ever used them. Now they all three work perfectly!! These guys are incredibly professional, reliable and they communicate effectively every step of th..."

John and Mary Campbell

"Great experience with Sam. Was quoted $200 for the inspection and $100 for cleaning when I scheduled the visit. Unfortunately upon inspection, my chimney is no longer safe to use and also made of parts that are apparently a million years old. They obviously didn't charge me for a clean but Sam even comped part of the inspection fee."


"I was extremely impressed with how thorough our technician Chris was during his inspection, especially the printed color inspection report. We have had other companies out at previous homes but nothing like Full Service Chimney. Highly Recommend!"


"Zach was on time, friendly and explained everything as well as showing me so I could understand the issues. Thanks a ton!"


"Excellent experience! Zach arrived in time and got straight to work. Zach was very detailed in his inspection and pointed out areas that need repair. He was fast, clean, and showed me how to use the fireplace since I no experience with gas. Thanks Zach!"


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In Kansas City and surrounding areas, we are here to help you with your home chimney and fireplace maintenance needs. Allow us to be your professional service company as we have for over 16,000 residents locally for over 32 years!

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