Full Service Chimney review summary

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Prompt, courteous, and thoroughly explained the job process.

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On time, friendly, efficient and educational! Would highly recommend

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I just saw you guys rescue a cat on the news for a family out of the kindness of your heart. Strong work. It's people like you that restore my faith in humanity. Sorry about your dog, I know that's hard. You'll just have to get a puppy now. Thanks. I will keep you all in mind if I ever need my chimney worked on.

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I wish I had a chimney so I could hire Full Service Chimney. Thank you for caring about the kitty cat in the chimney. Sorry about your dog.

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This company helped get a cat out of a chimney. You all rock. May God bless you all.

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Great company to be in the community!! Watching the evening news & seen the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time come from this company for saving that cat at no charge to the owners & spending so much time to do so! I hope your days are filled with success and you receive an overload of business for your hospitality.

5on Google,Nov 12, 2018


The technicians that they sent out to do my chimney chase cover replacement were very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. I would definitely use this company again. Unfortunately chimney repairs are usually costly, but it's important to have qualified people doing the work.

5on Google,Oct 17, 2018


They sent Zach out to do a quote today. While it was a little more expensive than I hoped for, he was honest and let me know what was wrong with everything, and how to repair it properly. He was also very personable. I’m looking forward to completing the repair process and would recommend this company to anyone.

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They sent Zach out to do a quote today. While it was a little more expensive than I hoped for, he was honest and let me know what was wrong with everything, and how to repair it properly. He was also very personable. I’m looking forward to completing the repair process and would recommend this company to anyone.

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Highly recommend this company! They are extremely knowledgable, professional, friendly and FAST! We had a bizarre and unfortunate chimney situation and Chris and his team were able to get our work scheduled in a timely manner. Not only that, but they worked on the roof of our house for two days in the absolute pouring rain. The first day they stayed until well past 7PM to ensure we were able to get our hot water turned back on- we feel they truly went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative! We will definitely use them again for any future chimney needs. Thank you!

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The chimney sweep professional that came to my home was very thoughtful and thorough. I really appreciated how much time he spent going over the findings of the inspection and my options.

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I couldn't have been more satisfied with the service I received from this company. I had a massive leak which came into the fireplace every time it rained. I initially agreed to an inspection of the chimney which showed multiple issues (1 being the bricks at the top of my chimney were falling out making the chimney unstable). Ryan Berry (the chimney tech) walked me through the issues with pictures he had taken explaining each, and what each meant to the structural safety of the chimney along with cost estimates. This allowed me to choose the most important things to do first which helped with my budget. After the repair was done, Aaron (who was one of the individuals who had worked on the repairs) followed up to ensure I was satisfied and that the work had fixed the problem. I told him I continued to have an issue with the leak (not as intense but still there). Ryan, immediately came back to further research the issue and worked until he found the additional cause. The leak has now been fixed. My chimney is stable, leak free and looks great. This is due to the hard work by these individuals, who are part of this company and their adherence to excellence. I definitely recommend this company!

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J. Brian

Ryan came and spent much time explaining what was needed after assessing our fireplace. Scheduled the services. Joe and Richie were here for 3 days. Clean, organized and repaired my 1967 era chimney well as well as renewing the fireplace. Communication was good and they were always on time. Would recommend. Outstanding. September 2018

5on Google,Sep 16, 2018


My experiences with Full Service Chimney were very positive. Prior to the project, what I knew about chimney care/maintenance wouldn’t fill a corner of a thimble. I learned a lot and am appreciative. My project, which spanned about 3 days, included work on both the outside and inside of the chimney Throughout, the staff was professional and efficient. I definitely would call them again and recommend them to others.

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The people from Full Service Chimney were very friendly and worked diligently installing a new flue in my chimney. They do high quality work. I would highly recommend this company,

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Very professional and prompt. Not the cheapest however I believe you get what you pay for. We had concerns with our 58 year old fire place and they were confirmed. Even though there is not a happy ending coming soon we now know what is needed and what needs to be addressed to prevent more damage in the short term . Zach #9809 did a great job in explaining the issues along with lots of photos and observations in writing on the spot. They also sent digital copies in even more detail for future reference. The cost of repairs will need to be in the future budget and when we can we will be calling them back. When we do I will post another review.

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Chris T was the best. Very professional, walked me through the necessary repairs with photos and also showed me areas to keep an eye on. Great work, very fast response and repair times. Overall a great company!

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Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. I have recommended Full Service Chimney to several people since they rebuilt my chimney two years ago. Great technicians!

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Susan Studebaker

Chris came today for the annual inspection of our fireplace. The new glue liner, crown, everything they repaired/replaced a year ago were still is stellar condition thanks to they great work they did! Chris is very professional, friendly, detailed, and a joy to have around! Well done Full Service Chimney!! We will never call another company for any of our fireplace needs!

5on Google,Aug 24, 2018


I am thrilled to again have Full Service Chimney perform my annual inspection on my 2 stainless steel liners. Their service, professionalism, concern and patience is outstanding. I would never hesitate recommending them to family or friends.

5on Google,Aug 20, 2018


The crew at Full Service chimney are true professionals. The team is fast, thorough, and friendly. They came out on a Monday to do an inspection and cleaning. I recently bought an older home and wanted to know what I needed to do to get my chimney/fireplace safe for use. They gave me a full camera and written report on the repairs I needed. They then worked with my budget to get me the best repairs and the best price. One week later, their crew came out and completed all my repairs in one day! I cannot wait to use my fireplace this winter. These repairs automatically add value to my home and the team at Full Service Chimey offer a transferable lifetime guarantee on their work incase I choose to sell. I will definitely have them back every year for my maintenance and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest and professional team.

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I never leave reviews, but this was worth the time. I wanted to start the process to get my fireplace refaced and the team was very friendly over the phone and made sure to check in as the appointment approached. They were not pushy at all when they arrived for the inspection and consultation. Just listened to what I wanted and made recommendations. After a thorough inspection, both came back in to discuss what I wanted, brought samples and photoshopped my own fireplace to see what it would look like a few different ways. Having options is always nice and being able to visualize what it could look like helped because you don’t want to invest in something you aren’t sure about. We came to a final decision and set the appointment. Absolutely love working with everyone here and if you are considering cleaning, refacing, repairing or getting your fireplace inspected, go with the Full Service Chimney! Update: The project was much more of a task than expected and took an extra day, but not only was I updated every step of the way, it turned out amazing and they stuck to the budget we agreed upon. I could tell they did everything in their power to ensure I got the perfect fireplace. HUGE thanks to Zach, Ritchey and Joey for their hard work! You won’t be disappointed!

5on Google,Aug 09, 2018


The Full Service Chimney team are real pros! Our project, from initial estimate to completed job, exceeded expectations. We had (I thought) a pretty complex-scope project; one I have offered other chimney repair outfits. I've had companies flat walk-away opting not to estimate or gave me doubts they had experience up to the challenge of the job requirements. My hat's off to Jake and Shane - the certified technicians assigned - both very professional and personable - I appreciated their expertise, skills, and work-ethic, but also how they kept me informed as the project progressed so I knew what to expect next. Confidence inspiring. We are so happy with the results and excited for warm and beautiful fireplace time this fall and winter!

5on Google,Aug 05, 2018


We were pleased how Zach and Ryan treated us with our fireplace problem. We found them both to be very professional young men. It is a nice company and we would highly recommend Full Service to anyone.