Masonry Chimney Repair & Tuckpointing

Masonry Chimney Repair, pointing, and rebuilding require skilled workmanship. If done poorly, can look unsightly and will soon need to be re-done.

Full Service Chimney is your expert for brick chimney and fireplace repair. It’s what we do full time, and have over thirty years of experience in chimney inspection and maintenance. When you decide it’s time for maintenance to your chimney, then consider the Certified Chimney Repairmen at Full Service Chimney. Don’t wait. Call 913-642-6171.


Brickwork & Pointing Service

Full Service Chimney Service frequently provides maintenance and repairs for the homes of the Kansas City metro area. With proper chimney maintenance, you can have a hearth system that lasts a lifetime.

Taking care of your fireplace and chimney benefits you, the homeowner.

Professional upkeep repairs for your chimney are attractive as well as functional and can keep your home and hearth warm and cozy.

Our Certified Repair Technicians, who restore brick chimneys to like-new condition, enjoy the craft of bricklaying and helping our customers retain the value of one of their home’s greatest assets – the chimney.

Full Service Chimney’s services include spot brick and mortar restoration, as well as reconstruction for the entire chimney stack. Our construction crews provide both full and partial brick chimney rebuilding services. With expertise on both exterior chimneys and interior fireplaces, we help you increase the aesthetic value of your chimney inside and out.

Chimney Maintenance and Repairs Near You

Fireplaces and chimneys can last for hundreds of years if built properly of the best materials and following up with annual chimney maintenance. However, a number of chimneys have brick issues that if left untreated, may result in a need for full or partial restorative services. Proper construction of your fireplaces and chimneys plus keeping up with brick waterproofing and joint repairs, will help prevent (or at least slow down) the deterioration of your masonry chimney.

Full Service Chimney Masonry Repair Technicians offer local homeowners cost-effective solutions.

If you have a crumbling brick chimney in Johnson County or mortar coming loose in your Waldo fireplace firebox, allow the chimney company who has taken care of your neighbors, to take care of your chimney repair needs as well. 

What Causes Bricks to Crumble?

Bricks Chimneys and masonry mortar that are properly made and assembled have minimal maintenance requirements. However if improperly constructed, cracks in your chimney and spalling of the bricks can quickly begin.

Many homes in the KC Metro have a chimney built from reclaimed bricks.

In other words, the rebuilt chimney is constructed with 60-year-old bricks. This influences how soon repairs or rebuilding is needed. These older bricks are softer than modern masonry and a chimney leak is often the result of soft bricks cracking, after soaking up water.

Protecting your chimney’s brickwork from moisture can help postpone the crumbling brick or spalling.  Waterproofing is a brick protection service offered by Full Service Chimney to help you prevent leaks. 

How Long Does Waterproofing Last?

Chimney Waterproofing is needed to keep it dry. A damp chimney freezes and becomes damaged from the expansion of water turning to ice. This protective service can last ten years or longer, depending on the condition of the chimney when the protectant is applied. The quality of the waterproofing product is also a factor. Full Service Chimney Repair Technicians apply the highest quality waterproofing to every repaired and reconstructed chimney to maximize the life of the structure.


Brick & Joint Repair

When joint repair is needed, the mason begins by removing the loose mortar between the bricks of the chimney and replacing it with new masonry mortar. If your masonry brick chimney has solid brickwork, but the mortar is starting to crack and come loose, pointing your chimney could be an option to brick rebuilding. When a mason points the masonry and then applies waterproofing, damage may not escalate to the point of needing full restoration.


Is Reconstruction an Option?

Yes. Partial or complete reconstruction frequently costs over $10,000. It is for this reason that we recommend annual chimney care. If you repair your masonry when issues are first discovered, then major construction can be avoided.

Brick Masonry Chimney Repair and Reconstruction Services in Kansas City Area

Your Local Chimney Brick Reconstruction Experts

When it comes to building brick chimneys, on the often extreme heights of Kansas City rooftops, our restoration crews are trained professionals ready for the challenges that come with these demanding projects.

Maintaining the safety and value of your home is as important to us, as it is to you. Few others are as dedicated to the craft of brick construction as Full Service Chimney.

Our Repair Technicians never stop training. We are always learning new ways to develop the best Masonry Construction skills and improve our brickwork techniques. Ensuring we provide you the highest quality end results.

Call us today at (913) 642-6171.

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