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The first step in having us install your new fireplace is to get a fireplace inspection and a fireplace and chimney cleaning.

If your house doesn’t have a wood-burning fireplace yet, then let us pay you a visit to talk about your home and hearth needs.

Installing a fireplace or wood stove is a snap Kansas City!

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Prefab Fireplace vs. Masonry Fireplace

Prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys (also known as factory-built fireplaces) offer a cost-effective fireplace installation as compared to a hand-built masonry wood-burning fireplace. Also, having us install your wood stove or fireplace requires just a few days, compared to a week or more for a masonry fireplace.

Why choose to install a prefab wood-burning fireplace?

  1. It’s a responsible choice if you’re looking for an economical wood or gas fireplace
  2. Chimney safety is built into the prefabricated design
  3. Unlike its brick fireplace counterpart, a “prefab fireplace” is:
  • Lightweight
  • Installed with minimal construction
  • Mass-produced, so the fireplace installation costs less
  • Prefab fireplaces are quickly installed on-site since each is a pre-assembled unit
  • Designed and built for fire safety

The Appeal of Installing a Factory-Built System

It’s easy to understand the appeal of factory-built fireplaces and chimneys products to add warmth to home and hearth. Homeowners take comfort in knowing special steps were taken for you, the end user’s benefit.

We should understand, these engineered hearth products (fireplaces, wood-stoves, fireplace inserts, etc) are only safe and functional when the two main components, the chimney, and fireplace installation are done at the same time. The fireplace manufacturers undergo testing of the prefabricated fireplaces and chimney together. This ensures many years of chimney safety and performance.

In Kansas City, your Full Service Chimney sweep has performed many fireplace installations and chimney rebuilds. We have seen first-hand that prefabricated fireplaces and chimneys can have just as many issues as the brick chimney and fireplace variety. Let us help you decide which system is right for you.

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Design of Prefabricated Fireplaces

A Factory-Built Fireplace Firebox is constructed of sheet metal pieces formed and riveted together. On the inside portion that is exposed to flame, refractory panels are placed on the walls and beneath the fireplace grate, where the heat is the greatest.

To minimize heat transfer, between the sheet metal of the prefabricated fireplace and refractory panels, there are engineered air spaces that reduce the heat to nearby combustibles. Finally, the fireplace damper, found at the top of fireplace firebox, is incorporated into the base of the prefab chimney flue.

Many prefabricated fireplace installations have a fireplace glass door and a screen to help limit the sparks that escape, which adds a sense of security to have a fire in the home. While prefabricated fireplace glass doors are frequently optional, the fireplace spark screen and prefabricated fireplace refractory panels should always be present.

Fireplace Installations Require Attention to Details

You should understand, as with masonry chimneys and brick fireplaces, proper construction and annual maintenance (chimney sweeping and fireplace inspections) are very important for your installed fireplace. In regards to proper fireplace installation, to avoid a home or chimney fire, it is important to follow the prefabricated fireplace’s installation manual and use only proper chimney parts.

If, for example, the fireplace manufacturer installation manual required the prefabricated fireplace firebox have an airspace of several inches to combustibles, and instead it is too close (or worse touching), a house fire of nearby combustibles could be the result if, when those combustibles overheat.


Fireplace Installation requires careful attention to proper installation and clearances

Likewise, if the fireplace glass doors that were designed for a brick fireplace were accidentally installed on a prefabricated fireplace, cooling from air circulation around the refractory panels in the prefabricated fireplace firebox would be compromised, and overheating would likely result. For this reason, prefabricated fireplace inspections and chimney cleaning are extremely important.

During a fireplace cleaning, your Full Service Chimney sweep will not only remove soot and creosote to avoid a chimney fire but perform a Level 2 Chimney Inspection with a video inspection of the chimney flue. Fireplace Inspection performed by a Certified Chimney Inspector is important.

The NFPA211 (National Fire Protection Association code) requires a fireplace and chimney be inspected annually. Only close examination by a Full Service Chimney Inspector can detect issues of deterioration or defects in the original fireplace installation.

After all, do families want a clean fireplace, only to realize too late that the chimney was lacking all the important qualities that make it safe?

Ready for a New Fireplace Installation?

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Ask about prefabricated fireplace cleaning or chimney inspection to keep those cozy times by the hearth going without regret.

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