Animal Prevention

We love animals but we don’t like animals in our chimneys, or fireplaces for that matter!

Do you have critters in your chimney? We can help you prevent animals from coming back and getting inside your home through your chimney.

When animals enter your chimney they start nesting and can create a blockage in your chimney. The nesting material is very flammable. When animals choose to place a nest, they look to build in high places such as your chimney.

Once the animal abandons the nest, they are leaving you with highly flammable material and debris in your chimney flue. This nesting causes a blockage in the chimney and can cause improperly draft. A chimney flue that is blocked can allow carbon monoxide and other fumes to enter your home.
Allow Full Service Chimney to help with your Animal Prevention needs. Call 913-642-6171 today.

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Do You Have Critters in Your Chimney?

We provide solutions. Full Service Chimney can help you understand your options for animal removal, and offer repairs that prevent animals or other pests from entering your chimney and fireplace.

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