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Watch customer interviews, commercials and B2B testimonials given by Southmoreland on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO and a few of our residential customers from around the metro.

Or take a journey with Bob the Chimney Guy as he teaches you How to Build an Upside Down Fire… and prevent animals from making a home in your chimney or fireplace!

Are Chimney Caps Really Necessary?

Find out if chimney caps are really necessary to have on top of your chimney. 

Spring 2020 Chimney Leak Commercial

It’s raining again in Kansas City and your chimney is leaking. Storms have a way of making chimney leaks known!

Summer 2020 FSC Commercial

Call Before Fall Arrives for Chimney Inspections, Cleanings, and Repair. Filmed in Johnson County, KS.

Customer Interview | Fireplace Remodeling Project

A gas fireplace remodeling project makes another satisfied customer. 

Client Reacts to turning on fireplace for the first time!

Completed installation of a New Remote Controlled Fireplace Makes our Customer’s Day!

WHY our Customer had Chimney Flue Fires

Chimney fires will damage chimney flue liners. Full Service Chimney Inspector shows the inside of a local homeowners chimney and explains how creosote catches fire, ignites then drips off the chimney cap and cracks the flue! 

New Fireplace Installation 

Stunning appearance of a new gas fireplace installed by Full Service Chimney service in the Kansas City area.

Review of Kansas City Chimney Service

A customer testimonial video after a Fireplace Insert installation was completed by Full Service Chimney. 

Southmoreland on the Plaza Review 

Southmoreland on the Plaza shares kind words about the Full Service Chimney experience.

Oh My Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

An unlined flue causes chimney to cave-in, resulting in a very real carbon monoxide – (CO) danger.

FSC chimney inspector shows you this very real nightmare situation!

Before & After Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace Installation and Remodel video shows before and after.

Check out our Remodeling service

Raccoon Freed From Chimney

Raccoon pays our repair technicians a visit during a chimney repair. Watch this little critter jump out onto the roof to freedom!

Chimney Animal Prevention

Robert explains the steps to keeping animals out of your chimney.

Learn how to Stop Animal Invasions

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