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So you had some other chimney guys out to inspect and quote repairs?

❌ …and they left you with  unanswered questions

❌ …a fireplace that still doesn’t work!

or you’re just not sure if their FIX is the RIGHT repair… to SOLVE your chimney problem for good.

We get it.

Full Service Chimney™ understands
your need for certainty… and
we’re right here with you.

Customer Discussing Fireplace Repair Alternatives during a Full Service Chimney Repair Consultation


Call us for help and BE CERTAIN in Your Choice for Chimney Repair.

IF you’ve gotten quotes for chimney repairs and don’t want to pay for another one only to end up getting the same result… it’s time to drop everything and call (913) 642-6171 for your FREE CONSULTATION. 

Call us if you can relate to any of the following situations:

  • you’ve already had your chimney inspected
  • you want to get a second (or third) opinion
  • BUT… you don’t want to have to pay just to get the same result!

We can help.

  • you’ve had multiple people out to inspect your fireplace
  • you’ve hired a handyman or other fireplace companies to fix the problems you’re having
  • YET… you’re still having chimney issues!

If you’re at your wits ends and it feels like nobody can solve your chimney problems… it’s time to stop messing around and call the fireplace professionals at Full Service Chimney™ in Kansas City today.

We’ll help you say goodbye to chimney problems.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Start Now!

    Tell Us More About Your Chimney Problems

    Step 1

    Contact our office to schedule a quick consultation appointment. Send in your repair proposal document(s) for a second opinion. A member of our team will contact you. 

    Step 2

    A Master Chimney Sweep will analyze your chimney as shown in your images and/or reports provided, and assigns you a certified advisor for your chimney consultation.

    Step 3

    Once our team has reviewed the information, your certified advisor will call you to discuss the findings and help you make sense of your options for chimney repairs.

    Limit 1 Per Household. Zip code must be within our Service Area.

    What Our Customers Say

    "I will always use these people as long as they are in business. They have done the best of any sweeps we used."


    "We had Full Chimney reline the chimney on our 35 year old house and put on a new crown. The initial inspector provided photographic evidence of need for repair. We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and the politeness of the two man crew, Jacob and Ian. Jacob, the lead tech, carefully explained all our questions and took pains to avoid disturbing plantings around the..."


    "We hired Full Service Chimney to repair flu's in three fireplaces at our lake house that were built incorrectly and would never draw the smoke, hence for 5 years we rarely if ever used them. Now they all three work perfectly!! These guys are incredibly professional, reliable and they communicate effectively every step of th..."

    John and Mary Campbell

    "I had Full Service Chimney come to my home to do an inspection and cleaning of my fireplace/chimney. Sam was very helpful. He showed up at the quoted time, which was great since I had to come home from work. He was quick, but thorough. As a first-time homeowner who has never had a fireplace, he helped walk me through the ins and outs of my fireplace and how it works. He made sure to..."


    "Great company! Knowledgeable, courteous and they clean up well. I was very impressed with the demeanor of everyone I spoke to on the phone, or at my house. They definitely know what they’re doing. I highly recommend using this company for cleaning or repairs to your fireplace or chimney."


    Who is Eligible for a Free Consultation?

    Have you already had other chimney companies come out and bid work?

    Have you seen the quote for repairs but are still not sure if what they suggest will actually FIX the problems with your fireplace and chimney.

    If so, you’re in luck… we understand your predicament and that’s why Full Service Chimney™ offers one free consultation call per household.

    1 Free Consultation

    First Timers

    The first timers, are newbies to everything chimney related! You didn’t know fireplaces needed regular maintenance. You’ve never had to deal with chimney problems before. The entire process is brand new to you! 

    Don’t worry, Full Service Chimney™ understands that what you need is guidance to help you make the right decisions with your fireplace and chimney. Whether you’re new homeowners or had the same fireplace for years and just didn’t realize the poor condition of your chimney…  Our advisors are certified professionals who will help you through it with ease.

    get started

    1 Free Consultation


    So you had a few other companies out and they all bid similar or very different repairs to “fix” your fireplace and/or chimney. You’re tired of wasting time and money on patch repairs that don’t work long term.

    At this point you’re stressed, confused and don’t know what to do or who to call for advice. This is where a Full Service Chimney™ certified advisor can help you make your decisions a little easier and help you get your chimney system fully restored. For homeowners who refuse to be swindled, call the team who cares that repairs get done right.

    get started

    1 Free Consultation


    If you’re in this boat we feel for you, we really do. Chances are, you or the homeowners before you, made a little “whoopsy daisy”. At some point, someone trusted the wrong person or company to fix your fireplace …and now it’s costing you BIG TIME!  Your chimney system is now in bad shape and possibly destroying other parts of your home.

    Full Service Chimney™ has decades of experience fixing others DIY & cheap patch “repairs” gone wrong. Let’s get you on the path to real solutions, full restoration, and long-term value.

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    When you are tired of throwing money at quick fixes that don't work.


    When you are finally ready to SOLVE the problem long term.


    When you’re ready to kiss your chimney problems goodbye!

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