Fireplace Inspection in Loch Lloyd, Missouri

Fireplace Inspection

Fireplaces come in a variety of beautiful designs and applications. Each chimney type has unique safety and performance requirements.

A Full Service Chimney Certified Fireplace Inspector can provide a fireplace inspection, as they are uniquely trained in proper wood and gas fireplace maintenance. Call 913-642-6171 today.

We Offer Fireplace Inspection to Kansas City Metro Area

Why Inspections are Necessary

A Fireplace Inspection & Cleaning keeps happy times by the fireplace hearth from turning into a smokey disappointment! A Full Service Chimney Inspector can provide a fireplace inspection that brings chimney safety and peace of mind to our customers with fireplace safety problems.

Fireplace inspections are a chimney service we have provided for thousands of local fireplace and chimneys.


Our Certified Inspectors Follow a Proven Process

Full Service Chimney Sweeps have a 16-step process for fireplace inspections. But before they begin with the fireplace inspection and cleaning, they take a few moments talking with the customer.

By understanding the fireplace problems, in the customers own words, we can discover the issues with a fireplace and provide helpful solutions to performance and fireplace smoking problems.

A fireplace inspection includes the following fireplace parts:
  • fireplace hearth
  • gas logs/fireplace grate
  • fireplace damper
  • fireplace firebox
  • smoke chamber
Using a High Definition Chimney Camera we inspect the:
  • fireplace flue liner
  • mortar joints
  • smoke shelf

Our Fireplace Inspector will access the roof. While every roof/chimney is built different, common chimney parts we inspect are:

  • chimney flashing
  • masonry
  • chimney crown
  • chimney cap

Get a reliable chimney diagnosis with the Chimney Detective Tool – it’s free!

How Do You Know it is Safe to Burn Wood?

Fireplace inspectors must answer one question regarding fireplace safety: “Can the fire in the fireplace reach the home?” To keep “fire in its place” we must:
  • Maintain our fireplaces and chimneys
  • Operate them responsibly
Proper fireplace and chimney construction and maintenance is the key to avoiding a chimney fire giving way to a house fire or carbon monoxide issue. The only way to know if your fireplace can safely burn wood is to have it examined by a trained and Certified Chimney Inspector. With years of training and experience, we are uniquely qualified to offer a chimney and fireplace inspection and condition report.
Only with a yearly chimney and fireplace evaluation from a trusted chimney service can the question of fireplace safety be answered.

How Often is an Evaluation & Cleaning Needed?

Creosote build up in chimneys and fireplaces is the byproduct of enjoying wood burning fires in the fireplace hearth. Unfortunately, soot and creosote is fuel to chimney fires. Chimney fires have caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage to homes and chimneys in the Kansas City metro.

How to Know it’s Time for a Cleaning?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommendation is that fireplace and chimney inspections happen every year, and clean as needed. Creosote isn’t the only reason for annual fireplace inspections, in addition to the risk of chimney fires is the chimney safety problems that present themselves as fireplace and chimneys age. Gaps and cracks in the fireplace flue liner and smoke chamber give a pathway for fire to leave the fireplace and touch the home.

Allow us to be your chimney care provider and fireplace inspector.
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Your Full Service Chimney Experts in Fireplace Safety.

Why Hearth Evaluation is Critical to Home Maintenance

Imagine the following scene:

A cozy evening with family and friends. Conversation, music and a fine meal are being enjoyed, and the entertainment is the warm & glowing ambiance of a crackling fire in the fireplace hearth.

The first clue something is amiss, trouble getting the fire started, then the smell. At first the fireplace odor is pleasant, then watery eyes, finally a haze is visible against the room lamps.

Nothing is as enjoyable as a fireplace with friends, or as frustrating when it malfunctions and turns into a smoky mess!

Annual Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning by a Full Service Fireplace Inspector ensures the continued function and performance that make enjoying your fireplace and chimney trouble free.

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