Level 2 Chimney Inspection

A Level 2 Chimney Inspection is required when a home is sold or a chimney changes uses. For example when going from wood burning to gas logs. Your Full Service Certified Chimney Sweep is qualified for Level 2 chimney inspections and so much more. The integrity of a chimney is essential to trusting it for chimney safety.

By providing a Level Two Chimney Inspection, Full Service Chimney will give you a report that shows the condition of your fireplace, inside and out.

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What’s Does the Inspection Include?

A Level 2 Chimney Inspection covers all areas of the chimney and fireplace that are accessible to a Certified Chimney Inspector. In other words, if it can be seen from the roof, the attic, basement or by looking down from the chimney top or up from the fireplace firebox, it would be covered in a level II inspection.

At Full Service Chimney Service, our chimney inspectors will first lay down a tarp at the fireplace hearth and evaluate the following:

  • Fireplace outer hearth
  • Clearances to combustibles at the fireplace mantle and trim
  • Condition of the firebox firebrick or prefabricated fireplace parts
  • Fireplace lintel and throat
  • Fireplace damper
  • Smoke chamber and it’s parging
Ladder to Roof for Chimney Inspection

Then, with a closed circuit camera, our Certified Chimney Sweep records and documents the:

  • Transition of the smoke chamber to the first flue tile
  • Fireplace flue liner, flue tiles and mortar joints
  • Other interior accessible areas, a Level 2 Chimney Inspection may include the attic, basement, or crawl space

NFPA 211 makes a point that Level 2 Chimney Inspections use a camera for chimney inspection or similar piece of chimney inspection equipment. The Certified Chimney Inspectors of Full Service Chimney insist on using closed circuit camera equipment to give our customer the most complete chimney inspection possible.

By evaluating the fireplace flue or gas chimney liner with a camera for chimney inspection we can catch small issues before they become big problems. Inspection helps to avoid costly repairs and conditions that threaten chimney safety.

Is the Cap Inspected?

Yes, the cap is inspected during the inspection of the chimneys exterior.

After inspecting the inside of the chimney and fireplace the Full Service Chimney Inspector will access the chimney top. The well being of your prefab/masonry chimney depends on the soundness of your chimney top and it’s ability to provide protection to the masonry below. Conditions of the chimney cap and chimney crown often translate into how long the masonry and flue liner will last. Prefab chimneys have similar issues that make examination of the chimney top and chase cover essential to any Level II Chimney Inspection.

Camera Chimney Inspection in Johnson County Kansas
A Level 2 Chimney Inspection at the chimney top requires the Chimney Inspector, to evaluate the following:

  • Chimney cap and spark arrestor
  • Chimney cap/crown/chimney chase cover
  • Masonry chimney stack or in the case of a prefab chimney chase the siding
  • Chimney flashing and the roof around the chimney stack
  • Shoulders and corbeled brickwork
  • Other chimney waterproofing needs

Level II Chimney Inspections Save Lives and Property

When a Full Service Chimney Sweep cleans a chimney and fireplace, we routinely perform the chimney sweeping and inspection at the same appointment. Many times our trip to the chimney top or use of the chimney inspection camera will reveal conditions that allow water in or cause the fireplace to smoke. But on occasion we will find more serious issues.

A Level 2 Chimney Inspection and the Certified Chimney Inspectors who perform them are the best defense against harm to home and hearth. From a collapsed chimney stack flue liner that will invite carbon monoxide into the home, to exposed combustibles in the fireplace firebox.

When is a Level 2 Evaluation Needed?

NFPA211 the National Fire Protection Association publication on chimney maintenance and construction states:
All chimneys should be inspected once a year, and cleaned as needed.

A Level II chimney inspection is required is when the chimney or home has any changes that would affect the chimney system.

For instance:

  • The sale or transfer of property that has a chimney system
  • If the chimney (fireplace) is going to a different fuel (from wood burning to gas logs for
  • example)
  • If a change to the appliance(s) attached or removed from the chimney flue liner
  • If the chimney or appliance acts up or otherwise malfunctions
  • If a damaging event occurred (building fire, storm damage, earthquake, etc.)

When a change, damage or system adjustment occurs, a Level 2 Chimney Inspection will allow the home owner to make informed decisions regarding heating/plumbing/and fireplace and chimney service. This is the Full Service Chimney difference.

Hire Local Kansas City Chimney Inspectors

By responsibly caring for our chimney and fireplace, they will do the job of “keeping fire in its place”. Allow a local Full Service Chimney Inspector to be your chimney care provider.

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