Chimney leaks

In the recent weeks we have seen a lot of rain and storms. With the rain we have received a lot of calls regarding chimney leaks. Some customers have even called because lightening has struck their chimney. Below is one masonry chimney that was recently struck by lightening. With each one of these calls we send out our … Continued

Prefab chimney chase cover install

Recently our certified technicians inspected a home that had both a masonry chimney and a prefab chimney. The prefab chimney looked to be in good shape other than the chase cover. A chase cover is an important part of a prefab chimney. Its purpose is to bridge the gap between the liner and the chimney … Continued

Yearly Inspections

Recently Jake, Sam, and Robert enjoyed visiting an old customer of ours to complete a yearly inspection and to service his masonry heaters and direct vent fireplace. Masonry heaters are a unique type of fireplace that heat up the whole structure and will continue warming the home long after the fire goes out. A few years … Continued

Chimney leak

A recent customer had us out to inspect his chimney after he had discoverd a leak. As our certified technicians arrived to assess the chimney leak they inspected the exterior of the chimney as well as the interior to be sure to look for any ways of water entry. While inspecting they found a couple … Continued

Chimney flue reline in Shawnee, Kansas

Upon inspecting a chimney at a customer’s home in Shawnee, our CSIA certified technician Jake, found several gaps and cracks in the flue liner. When damages such as these are found in a chimney it becomes unsafe and can cause problems, from a smoke smell to something more serious as catching your home on fire. Fortunately there is … Continued

Chase Cover in Overland Park Kansas

After completing an inspection on this home’s chimney in Overland Park Kansas our technicians found rust on the chase cover. More often than not when a home is built with a prefab chimney, to save money, the builder will make this chase cover out of galvanized sheet metal instead of stainless steel. Galvanized chase covers … Continued

CSIA certified technician

Many times we get calls from customers who have not used their fireplace since they moved into their home. In some cases these customers moved into their home years ago while others have just lived in the home a couple weeks. In either case if your chimney has not been inspected or you are unaware … Continued

Hearth replacement in Olathe Kansas home

Upon completing a chimney inspection, our CSIA certified technicians were surprised to find combustible material used as support for the hearth in front of the fireplace. Code requires the hearth and its supports to be free from combustibles beacuse of the heat transfer from the firebox floor out through the hearth. In order for this … Continued

Utility Flue Inspection

While completing a utility flue inspection in Overland Park, Kansas our technicians came across an abnormal issue. The water heater was letting exhaust enter into the basement of this home. The homeowner also told us that she heard some scratching inside the piping. With this in mind our technicians suspected that an animal had gotten in. … Continued

Flue Fire in Olathe Kansas

As Sam, one of our CSIA certified technicians completed a camera inspection on a chimney in Olathe, Kansas he found several safety concerns that were a result of a flue fire. A damaged flue liner in this home was one of the more serious issues. Most, if not all of the flue tiles were cracked or … Continued