Raccoons in Chimneys and Fireplaces

Raccoons in chimneys and fireplaces are a common issue reported by homeowners. To us, a chimney is an excellent resource for warmth and comfort. But to a momma raccoon, it is the perfect venue for raising a family. Raccoons choose chimneys because they are dark, warm,...

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What is a Cord of Wood?

If you’re new to the firewood supply market, you’re likely unfamiliar with the industry jargon. One of the most frequently used terms in the firewood industry is “cord.” So, what is a cord of wood anyway? A cord is the primary unit of measurement for selling wood....

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How to Prime a Chimney Before Using Fireplace

As a homeowner, it's critical that you know how to prime a chimney before using your fireplace. Picture this: You decide to start a wood fire during a cold Winter night. You build a flawless upside-down fire, open the damper up, light the stack, and then... smoke...

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Roof Rust and Your Chimney

Chimneys are robust, tenacious, and highly beneficial home features; however, they’re susceptible to wear and tear over time like any other structure. And due to their height, positioning, and various metal components, wear and tear commonly comes in the form of rust...

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Caution: Carbon Monoxide & Chimneys

What is (CO) Carbon Monoxide? How does it happen and how can we stop it from happening in our homes? All essential questions but too often overlooked items on your home maintenance checklist. Most people are aware of the dangers of gas appliances, but it usually comes...

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Got Bats in Your Chimney Flue?

Got bats in your chimney flue? If so, there are a few imperative things you need to know! As made famous in popular culture by the comic book character Batman, real, living, breathing bats are nocturnal mammals who reside in dark, cave-like areas. But since their...

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What is a Chimney Damper?

If you’re new to fireplace operation, one of the questions you’re likely wondering is, what is a chimney damper? Or even, how does a chimney damper work? You’re certainly not alone with these questions. Most homeowners would tell you that enjoying a stunning and warm...

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The Problem with Stucco Chimneys

The choice of stucco as a home, chimney, and wall building material is increasingly growing in popularity. This is understandable, considering stucco is durable, attractive, and relatively cheap. On the surface, this sounds fantastic; however, after further...

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Summer Months are Best for Chimney Work

For most people, the spring and summer months are reserved for relaxing around a pool, spending time in the backyard, and enjoying the warmer weather. Winter and fall-specific responsibilities, such as maintaining the chimney and fireplace, are typically pushed to the...

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