Got Bats in Your Chimney Flue?

Got bats in your chimney flue? If so, there are a few imperative things you need to know! As made famous in popular culture by the comic book character Batman, real, living, breathing bats are nocturnal mammals who reside in dark, cave-like areas. But since their...

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What is a Chimney Damper?

If you’re new to fireplace operation, one of the questions you’re likely wondering is, what is a chimney damper? Or even, how does a chimney damper work? You’re certainly not alone with these questions. Most homeowners would tell you that enjoying a stunning and warm...

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The Problem with Stucco Chimneys

The choice of stucco as a home, chimney, and wall building material is increasingly growing in popularity. This is understandable, considering stucco is durable, attractive, and relatively cheap. On the surface, this sounds fantastic; however, after further...

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Summer Months are Best for Chimney Work

For most people, the spring and summer months are reserved for relaxing around a pool, spending time in the backyard, and enjoying the warmer weather. Winter and fall-specific responsibilities, such as maintaining the chimney and fireplace, are typically pushed to the...

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Chimney Crown Seal vs New Construction

Chimney tops, otherwise known as crowns, must protect the home, as do all exterior surfaces of a chimney.  Since it acts as the shield against wet weather elements, a crown is a necessary part of any masonry fireplace system. The problem that all chimneys eventually...

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3 Easy Ways to Check for a Leaky Chimney

Every year, during May and moving through June, (the rainiest month of the year in Kansas City), we start getting calls from customers experiencing leaky problems, and we wonder how much rain can a leaky chimney take? The answer is two-fold, a chimney can survive all...

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Home Improvements to Boost Your House Value

If you’re searching for home improvements to boost your house value, then you’re likely either considering putting it on the market or want to live more comfortably. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. When hearing the term “home improvements,”...

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12 Things to Consider BEFORE Mounting a TV Above a Fireplace

When it comes to mounting a tv above a fireplace, simply put, what works for someone else may not work for you. That’s because every home’s fireplace system is entirely different. There are so many factors involved that it takes the trained eye of a professional to...

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How to Light an Outdoor Fire Pit

If you’re wondering how to light an outdoor fire pit, then you’re about to embark upon a fun, rewarding, and warm journey. Fire pits are fantastic features that provide an outdoor source of warmth and comfort and instantly improve a home’s aesthetic value. Ask any...

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