Brickwork in a Kansas City home

At the beginning of May we sent out our CSIA Certified technicians to inspect a chimney’s brickwork in a Kansas City home. Upon arriving our technicians noticed some issues with the brickwork in this chimney. After providing the customer with a full color report with images of the damaged brickwork, he decided to continue forward with the repair process. The repairs included a five foot by two foot rebuild, flashing, and pouring the new crown. Before we could begin the brickwork in the Kansas City home, the customer had to make a deciding choice on the brick that would compliment their home. After the brick was chosen the brickwork process could begin. To protect the brickwork after the masonry repairs were finished we poured a new crown with an over hanging edge. Having a crown with an over hanging edge will help prevent water leaks and direct water damage to the chimney itself. To finish up the project, we added new stainless steel chimney caps to both flues. The chimney caps will also help prevent further water leakage along with any unwanted animals or rodents from entering the home. Now this customer has a well build chimney that will last them well beyond their years. Below are pictures of the before, during, and after points of the whole project. As you can see it was a beautiful transformation for the brickwork in this Kansas City home.

Before Picture of brickwork in a Kansas City home
Chimney before completed brickwork
Picture of demo of chimney while completing brickwork in a Kansas City home
Chimney during full masonry rebuild
Picture of chimney after completed brickwork in a Kansas City home
Completed brickwork of chimney