Registered Apprenticeship Program

The Full Service Chimney Registered Apprenticeship Program allows individuals to gain experience in the chimney service industry. Through the program, apprentices will receive hands-on training in installing, repairing, and maintaining chimney systems. Apprentices will also gain knowledge about the operation and safety of chimney systems and the regulation of their operations.

The program is designed to provide apprentices with the skills and knowledge necessary to become certified chimney technicians. During the Registered Apprenticeship Program, apprentices will be required to complete on-the-job training and related instruction to expand their understanding of various topics such as chimney inspection, cleaning, and repair, as well as the installation of new chimneys and chimney systems.

What is a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

A Registered Apprenticeship Program is an educational and training program that provides hands-on experience and instruction in a specific field or trade. Apprentices are typically employed and paid by the employer while they learn the skills required to become fully qualified workers in their chosen field. The apprentice is provided with on-the-job training and related classroom instruction during the program.

The program is registered with the relevant governing body and must meet specific educational standards. The apprenticeship is designed to provide the apprentice with the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to become a highly qualified worker in their chosen field. Apprentices typically enter the program with a high school diploma or GED; however, candidates with advanced degrees are also invited to participate.

Once the apprentice completes their program, they are awarded a certificate or diploma that verifies their skills and achievements. They can then use this certificate to gain employment in their chosen field. They are an excellent option for those who are looking to enter a new career or those who want to develop their current skills!


Veterans Strongly Encouraged to Apply

Veterans, if you are looking for a career change or an opportunity to learn a new skill, the Full Service Chimney Registered Apprenticeship Program is a fantastic option. With this program, you will benefit from on-the-job training and classroom instruction to learn the skills needed to become a qualified chimney technician.

The Full Service Chimney Registered Apprenticeship Program also offers competitive wages and benefits and allows one to earn a nationally recognized certification. With this program, you can gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed in this ever-evolving industry, often with flexible hours and the ability to work in various locations around Kansas City. So don’t wait; take advantage of this great opportunity!

apprentice technician on the job after brick training

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Full Service Chimney Registered Apprenticeship Program?

Full Service Chimney accepts applications year-round for our Registered Apprenticeship program. Space is limited; however, we work hard to ensure that new apprentices are being cycled through the program as quickly as possible to free up space for new candidates.

What opportunities are available after completing the program?

Full Service Chimney will always reward hard work, and we know that the Registered Apprenticeship program can be demanding. For this reason, additional certification opportunities become available once your apprenticeship is completed. For more information, visit our Careers page.

What skills or qualifications are required to start the program?

Anyone willing to put in the work and learn a new skill can benefit from the Full Service Chimney Registered Apprenticeship Program. Our primary goal is to ensure you have the resources and training required to make you the best chimney inspector, chimney sweep, chimney service technician, or chimney construction manager possible – no matter what your starting spot may be!

Why do you encourage service members and veterans to apply?

At Full Service Chimney, we highly value the unique talents and skills that those with military experience bring to the table. We proudly encourage those individuals to look into our company for potential openings in the Registered Apprenticeship program. Our team has seen first-hand that military personnel possess a strong work ethic, discipline, and the drive to succeed.

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Full Service Chimney™ is your #1 chimney and fireplace inspection, cleaning, and repair provider in the Kansas City area. We are a family-owned and operated company committed to providing world-class services to our local communities since 1987.

Personal and professional growth is important to us. We offer career-minded people an opportunity to grow into a position that fits their skills. We give you the equipment and software you need, plus train you to use it. We’re always looking for talented people with quality skillsets who want to find a long-term career, not just another J.O.B.

What Our Customers Say

"The 3 person crew that installed a new fireplace liner did an excellent job: They were very professional and friendly, They cleaned up after finishing, and They clearly explained the warranty and operation of the new damper. It is obvious the guys took pride in their work! I could not have more pleased with the experience."


"Full Service took great care of us. The initial bid was informative and helpful. Then they took care of their part. Really seamless and a job well done by Full Service."


"The team concluded the project with great care. I was kept fully informed throughout the process. They left after a thorough clean up. I would not hesitate to work with them again."


"They a great job and we’re very professional. I will definitely use Full Service Chimney again."


"They were prompt and provided great service (even though it was probably 95 degrees outside and not a great day to be working on a chimney!)"


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