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What is a Crown Cap?

The crown is a concrete slab built to stop water and protect the bricks that surround your chimney flue. Since your chimney’s crown and cap is at the very top of your masonry structure, it performs like a helmet or a solid umbrella for the entire fireplace and chimney system. The crown essentially becomes a protector, responsible for keeping the inside of your fireplace and flue safe and dry.

Cap Crown Replacement on Brick Chimney
Crown Seal and Stainless Steel Chimney Caps
Chimney Crown Pour Process

Why Fix a Chimney Top’s Crown?

People often make the mistake of putting off small repairs or improvements for a later date and then end up regretting that decision years later when they realize how tiny cracks or damages to a crown allows access to the rest of the home. Visit our Chimney Anatomy page to see how all parts work together.

When homeowners choose to hold off on repairs (sealing or replacing, etc.), our inspectors eventually return to find that rain, freeze/thaw damage, and chimney leaks only got worse over time. Leading to more costly repairs that could have been easily avoided. 

Annual Inspections and regular maintenance are the best way to prevent needing major repairs. 

The Cost of Delaying Repairs

Regular maintenance and Chimney Repair is necessary to avoid the need to completely rebuild your masonry chimney in the future. Rebuilds can be very expensive, and we try to help people avoid the need for a project of that magnitude.

Holding off on small repairs can also even affect the resale value of a home if you ever intend to sell your property. Remember the longer any household item remains in disrepair, the bigger the price tag when you decide to fix it.  The same is true for fireplaces and their chimneys.

Crown repairs can save you money by preventing other parts of the system from needing fixed. 

How Much Does Chimney Crown Repair Cost?

The price of Chimney Crown Repair starts in the range of $2500-$3500. Project costs will vary based on several different factors. Each unit must be fully inspected before quotes can be determined. Please call our office at 913-642-6171 to discuss your crown replacement or repairs project or schedule an inspection appointment today.

Trust Your Local Chimney Experts

Our Certified Repair Technicians can install new or replace worn out flashing to fix your chimney cap and chimney crown.

Servicing homes across Kansas City for over 3 decades! We can help you too!

Before and After Brick Chimney Crown, Cap, and Flashing

5 Signs Your Chimney’s Crown Needs Repaired

The crown cap is the shield that protects your home from damages caused by having an opening in your roof known as the flue. When the top/crown is not at its best, then it becomes susceptible to a variety of problems.

It’s important to guard against seasonal elements.  Moisture gets inside your residence through a faulty cap, cracks, and crevices in cement or mortar joints. All of which have the potential to cause serious but avoidable damage to your home, fireplace, or furnace (depending on what types of chimneys you have in your house).

1. Cracked Chimney Crown

The most obvious sign is one most homeowners won’t see unless they spend time on the roof! When cracks start to appear in concrete crowns and mortar joints of a brick structure, then it allows both water to get inside and start wreaking havoc on your home’s heating system!

2. Rusted Firebox, Doors, or Damper

If your fireplace is starting to rust, then water is getting inside your home’s chimney. Rust may start on the metal part of glass doors, damper, or firebox inside your fireplace. When we see rust in certain places we can determine the damage has been there long enough that the rust can now be seen visually.

3. Stained Ceilings and Wallpaper

If you see moldy water spot stains on your wallpaper or moisture starting to collapse your ceiling, then it’s easy to see you have a big problem, but it may be difficult to know what’s causing the issue. It’s time to call your local chimney sweep to inspect for a leak (which could be caused by cracks in the crown or damage to the cap).

4. Bad Smell from Fireplace’s Flue

If the living room stinks like an old campfire or the room has a damp, musty smell then it’s likely you’ve got drafting or water problems. If the smelly fireplace started recently then it could be a dead animal who made its way into your chimney through a damaged or missing cap but then got trapped and couldn’t climb or fly back out the flue. You’ll need a full chimney inspection to determine the cause.

5. Damaged Mortar Joints

When not properly protected, moisture gets inside your chimney’s mortar joints causing damage. Which leads to a deteriorating brick structure and eventually spalling brickwork.

Full Service Chimney’s Signature Overhanging Crown Pour helps shed water away from your brick stack to prevent mortar joint damage to the top of your chimney.

Two Common Problems that Result in Full Crown Replacement

When damage occurs to the top of a chimney, water soon begins to damage other areas of the structure and other parts of your home. While there are more signs and symptoms, the two most common problems we see with crown/caps are leaks and deteriorating crown seals.

 1. Leaking

Leaks are often caused by a problem with the chimney crown. More often than not, your crown was made from leftover mortar from the chimney construction (or a poor attempt at reconstruction).

Mortar cap crowns frequently form hairline cracks the very same night they set up! In no time, these small cracks begin to leak, fill with rainwater, freeze and then widen. Regrettably, a broken crown turns into loose brickwork at the top of the chimney in a few short years. 

cracks found on chimney crown

2. Seal is Failing or Has Failed

A Chimney Crown Seal is the most common chimney cap repair that we offer to customers who need chimney top service. Quality crown seal is the proper repair for cement chimney caps that have only small cracks but are otherwise sturdy.

By taking care of small cracks in a leaky chimney crown early, we can avoid additional leaks and a more extensive, more expensive repairs later!

BUT What If You Could Stop the Damage Before It Starts? Or at the very least reduce the chances of water entering your home due to crown issues…

Prevent Water Leaks By Installing a Proper Crown Cap on Your Chimney

Unfortunately, complete chimney rebuilding (from the roof up) is a common service we offer because too often, people do not know about crown issues until it’s much too late. All from what may have started a few years before as “just a few small cracks in the chimney’s crown”

In addition to causing brick damage, leaks due to a damaged crown will lead to rusted fireplace doors, ruined dampers that cannot be opened or shut because they’re so rusty, or loose bricks in the fireplace’s firebox.

While repairs and replacement of mortar caps and crowns are eventually necessary for most chimneys, Full Service Chimney makes repair and maintenance fast and easy.

What Our Customers Say

"Every step of the process from scheduling, getting an estimate, and ultimately with the on-site workers was professional, polite, and respectful of both my time and my family. Special kudos to Shane and his partner for their work. What was meant to be a 4-day job turned into 5 and easily could have been 6 or 7 if not for their hard work and determination to not only finish the repa..."


"We had a great experience with Full Service Chimney. Scheduling was easy and they showed up on time. We are very pleased with the quality level of their workmanship. Looking forward to our first fire in our new fireplace!"


"Apologies as this post is long overdue, but I wanted to say thank you to Sam and Full Service Chimney for your discovery and recommendation on 11/12. What began as a chimney inspection, cleaning, and fix recommendation for our gas powered fireplace turned into a life-saving appointment for me and my family. Unbeknownst to us, carbon monoxide had been pouring into our home for some t..."


"I appreciate the honesty of this company and their employees specially Mr. Zach Myers. He verify my chimney and try to find a solution to the water in front of the chimney. He explain everything very clear. You can trust the service and commitment of this company, I recommend it."


"Great service, and detailed explanation of any issues and proposed solutions"


Your Crown Repair Experts

Full Service Chimney technicians have repaired/replaced crown caps on chimneys in the KC Metro area for over three decades!

Our team can help you diagnose and solve your chimney problems with a simple repair or complete crown replacement. Call now!

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