Chimney Cap Crown Repair and Replacement

Cap & Chimney Crown Repair/Replacement

Your chimney’s top is the crown/cap and is the first line of defense against chimney leaks. Our CSIA Certified Technicians are familiar with problems chimney crowns tend to develop over time and the resulting chimney water leaks.

A Full Service chimney sweep can evaluate your chimney top condition and suggest a chimney crown repair or a complete chimney crown replacement.


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What is a Crown Cap?

A chimney crown cap is the protective “helmet” to your masonry chimney, Its job is to shed rain, debris and stop cold air from coming down the brick work of your fireplace chimney. Like the spark arrester chimney cap, we want a chimney that allows smoke out, but nothing else in. Without a cement cap on the top row of brick, the chimney top would quickly become loose and begin to fall apart.

Full Service Chimney Sweeps carry the necessary resources to offer a chimney crown repair or replace a chimney top. Often these type of chimney repairs can happen the same day as the inspection.


Crown Seal is the brand of chimney cap repair compound we trust.
Chimney Crown Cap

How to Fix a Chimney Top

Trust a Full Service Chimney Sweep to help you fix your chimney top. Our trained chimney inspectors will determine the problem and provide solutions.

A Chimney Crown Seal is the most common chimney cap repair that Full Service Chimney offers to customers who need chimney top service.

A quality chimney crown seal is the proper chimney repair for cement chimney caps that have only small cracks, but are otherwise sturdy. 

If you make the decision that Full Service Chimney is the right professional for you, then rest assured the quality of our chimney service is second to none. Our chimney crown repairs are state of the art, for value and longevity.

By taking care of small cracks in a leaky chimney crown early, we can avoid additional chimney leaks and a more extensive, more expensive chimney repair later!

Damper Cap on a Crown Pour - Crown Replacement

What Causes Leaking?

Chimney leaks are often caused by a problem with the chimney crown. More often than not, your chimney crown was made from leftover mortar from the chimney rebuilding. These chimney mortar cap crowns frequently form hair line cracks the night they set up.

In short order, these small cracks begin to leak, fill with rain water, freeze and widen. Regrettably, in a few years a broken crown turns into loose brickwork at the chimney top.

On the other hand, if your chimney crown was made of reinforced concrete that extends beyond the brickwork from Full Service Chimney, it could be the last crown repair your chimney will ever need.

Add to the chimney crown replacement, chimney waterproofing and a new chimney cap, you’ll have a crown cap that likely will last over a hundred years.


How Much Does Top Replacement cost?

A quality chimney crown replacement, made from reinforced concrete with an overhang edge is a common chimney top repair. It can cost as little as $1350*.

A concrete crown with an overhang edge is what code requires for chimney tops, but all too often it’s not what we see when we inspect Kansas City chimneys.


Full Service Chimney repairs and replaces hundreds of Kansas City chimney concrete crowns per year.
Technician Replacing a Chimney Crown Cap

Why is Repair Needed?

Chimney cap repair is necessary to avoid chimney rebuilding. There are consequences to delaying chimney service:

When homeowners choose to hold off on chimney cap repair, we eventually return to find that rain, freeze/thaw damage, and chimney leaks only got worse over time. Leading to more costly repairs.

Major damage can be prevented with a chimney crown cap.

Unfortunately, it is a common Full Service Chimney repair to offer complete chimney rebuilding from the roof up. All from what started a few years before as “small cracks in the chimney crown cap”. In addition to causing brick damage, chimney leaks from a damaged chimney crown will lead to rusted fireplace glass doors, ruined fireplace dampers and loose bricks in the fireplace firebox.

Example of Overhanging Crown Pour
Trust your Kansas City Chimney Cap Repair to Full Service Chimney
*$1350 for a chimney crown cap replacement is typical for a small crown pour, at the time of chimney rebuilding. Location of the home, difficulty of scaffolding and demolition, and other repairs the chimney may need will affect the cost of crown work.

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