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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Kansas City, Kansas


From the early pioneers to the present day first time home buyers, residents of Kansas City, KS have an appreciation for a warm fire in the fireplace. The homes built in the early 1900s would frequently have multiple fireplaces throughout the home. Many bedrooms had a proportional size fireplace with a coal basket grate or an early version of a gas insert room heater. Since so much of this early development was prior to 1945, many chimneys are unlined. This means only one or two walls of brickwork separate the exhaust from the home’s interior. From WWII forward, the inclusion of liners in the construction of chimneys and the style of fireplaces adjusted from a square Rumford design to a more contemporary rectangular shape. The chimneys that service the coal or gas (and sometimes oil) burning appliances commonly found in the basement, utilized the single flue design. Since these early chimneys were servicing lower efficiency furnaces and boilers, they had large flue passageways (by today’s standards).

KCK: Loving Smokestacks for Over 100 Years!

Kansas City, KS fireplaces and chimneys have a history worth appreciating. When possible, we encourage the restoration of the unique chimneys. However, these chimneys and fireplaces must be safe for the families of today to enjoy. Full Service Chimney is the expert in the chimneys of Kansas City offering restoration and adjustment to preserve the use of old, and not so old, hearth and home chimney appliances. Frequently, we find an unlined flue or that the original flue liner is no longer able to contain the byproducts of combustion. On a regular basis, we find that these chimneys can function again with the addition of a reline and insulation kit. The smaller fireplaces in some of KCK’s bedrooms can be made functional with the addition of a listed gas fireplace. The flue that services the furnace and water heater often is damaged due to years of coal burning and exposure to the elements.

Kansas City, KS-Chimneys need sweep and repair service

Kansas City, KS-Chimney

Full Service Chimney regularly installs a gas exhaust liner kit in the original chimney, both preserving the delicate flue and returning the needed level of safety for the customer.

Last 20 Years Brought Growth & New Fireplaces

With the development of the older parts of the city and the new development since 2000 on the west side, new homes are springing up all over KCK. A large majority of these homes have factory-built fireplaces or convenient gas fireplaces utilizing direct-vent technology.  Full Service Chimney can help you keep these modern hearth products up and running with ongoing maintenance and needed service.

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By keeping an eye on your chimney and fireplace, the need for restoration someday is substantially reduced. Have Full Service Chimney visit your home and help you keep what you have while making your hearth a comfortable gathering place for friends and family.

Full Service Chimney inspects, cleans, and repairs KCK chimney’s daily… as we’ve done for over 30 years! 

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A Quick History of Kansas City, KS

What was once one city along Kaw Point, the meeting of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers is now two separate cities with the same name. What divides them today is which side of the state line they are on. The division did not begin that way though.

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building KC

Memorial Hall Kansas City, KS

The Town of Kansas was established in 1921 when fur traders would use the Missouri River to travel westward until landing in the area. In the 1830s, traders and travelers could then follow a small trail that ran from the river to the Santa Fe Trail in Westport. As the use of the trails grew, more businesses and houses were built and the town began to thrive. When the Civil War forced the city to choose if they would be part of free-state Kansas or the Confederate state of Missouri, it caused a division between the people. Although the Union won the battle of Westport, citizens remained separated by their beliefs. This resulted in a divide of the city; Free-staters stayed on the west side of Main Street and Confederates stayed on the east side.
After the Civil War, the city population grew immensely because of the railways and a bridge that crossed the river. Industries chose their sides of the city as well. Kansas City, KS-the West Bottoms, specifically-became the area for cattle trade and processing because of the rail yards. Trade and commerce industries opted for the Missouri side. Kansas City became incorporated in 1872. When four nearby municipalities were consolidated, the “new” Kansas City, KS was formed in 1886, formally separating from Kansas City, MO.
The city has continued to annex nearby municipalities in the last century, now covering 128 square miles and including 19 neighborhoods that house 151,000 residents. Highways I-35, I-435, and I-70 bring millions of travelers through the area and ease the commute and accessibility to nearby areas for locals.
Kansas City-KS

Kansas City-KS

The significant development in the city’s outer western regions has changed the commerce entirely in the last 15 years due to development of The Village West business and entertainment district. The district includes dozens of restaurants and shops, as well as stadiums for Sporting Kansas City soccer team, T-Bones amateur baseball league, and the Kansas Speedway.

The University of Kansas hospital and medical facilities are not only the largest employers of Kansas City, KS but provide top-notch medical treatment for Kansas City residents and those who travel from all over the world to receive care there. Thriving commerce has allowed for improvement to the city’s four school districts, provided affordable and attractive housing options, and maintained the city’s parks and lake. Although creating a state line forced Kansas City to nearly start over in some ways, Kansas City, KS has successfully created its own identity and its one that area residents can be proud of.

Merriam Lane Kansas City, KS

Merriam Lane Kansas City, KS