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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Overland Park, Kansas


Stone Masonry Chimney in Overland Park, KS
Overland Park homes and their chimneys designs were influenced by the times in which they were constructed. With a steady rise in construction after WWII, the average date of construction of a home is 1986.

Rustic Charm

Keeping with Strang’s vision of a community featuring affordable homes with modern amenities, living spaces built in his development in the early 1900s almost universally included a central fireplace with an attractive chimney. The rustic appearance and availability of recycled bricks appealed to the builder and homes utilized these earth-toned pieces both inside and outside the structure.

Recycled Brick May Lead to Chimney Repair

Many of these reclaimed bricks are approaching a century of service and are showing their wear. Often, it is necessary to treat exterior chimneys with water repellent to preserve their integrity. In instances of severe deterioration, replacement or rebuilding is required. An overall assessment of the chimney and fireplace, in conjunction with the homeowner’s vision of enjoying their fireplace, is necessary to suggest a maintenance plan for each home’s hearth.

Chimney Missing caps-broken crown in Overland Park needs repair
Chimney Missing caps-broken crown in Overland Park

Trusted Fireplace Experts

Full Service Chimney has serviced both the fireplaces and chimneys of Overland Park for three decades. We appreciate the original tradespeople who carefully designed and assembled enjoyable hearth products for individuals and families to enjoy.

Brick Chimney in Overland Park, KS
Brick Chimney in Overland Park, KS

Design with Function

The busy lifestyles of families in Overland Park frequently mean opting for non-traditional fireplaces. Modern gas fireplaces offer an attractive feature to the active lifestyle of an Overland Park resident. Many of the fireplaces have a source of natural gas already installed to the fireplace’s hearth. Originally, the gas was intended as a feature to start a wood burning fire; however, it can serve to support a gas fireplace or properly installed gas logs. This provides instant enjoyment of a realistic “wood fire” without the delay, mess, and time commitment of a log and kindling fire. Features include remote control operation, thermostatic controls, and heat from the fireplace even without electricity in the event of a power failure.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Modern hearth design technology allows homeowners the option of enjoying a fireplace year round and is now an affordable reality. The luxuriously simple appeal of an electric fireplace makes it an easy choice for many Overland Park homeowners. An electric fireplace can match the style of your home and provide a warming ambiance year-round without overheating the area.

Certified Chimney Sweep Inserts a 316Ti Alloy Liner into a Gas Chimney Flue
Certified Chimney Sweep Inserts a 316Ti Alloy Liner into a Gas Chimney Flue

Allow Us to Serve You

Safe operation is an absolute must for every fireplace in a home. In addition to safety, the remodel of your hearth and fireplace increases the enjoyment of your fireplace. With the availability of stylish finishes, modern wood and gas burning fireplaces we can transform your home’s hearth. Full Service Chimney has been servicing fireplaces in Overland Park for thirty years. Allow our team to visit with you and provide honest advice and a variety of options. Your dream can quickly become a reality.

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A Quick History of Overland Park, KS

Overland Park is the second largest city in Kansas has seen significant growth since its establishment in 1905. The founder, William B. Strang, envisioned a quality community with strong commerce, education, transportation, and housing in a “park-like” environment when he purchased 600 acres for development. The land was located at what is now 79th Street and Metcalf Avenue, but at the time was along a military roadway on the old Overland Trail, hence the name “Overland Park”.

Overland Park-Downtown
Overland Park-Downtown
Strang was a railroad builder who lived in Kansas City, Missouri so part of his vision was an inter-suburban railroad going from Kansas City through Overland Park to Olathe along the Santa Fe Trail. He wanted this community to attract working families who wanted clean air and water, modest but modern homes, and large plots of land, but the convenience of the city nearby. To achieve this, he built an electric-car-turned-trolley-line which brought along a ticket depot, car garage and energy plant, and dancehall. This became the town’s city center and was a large tourist attraction. Strang was very interested in newly invented aviation and built an airfield to include in the community.
Despite the Great Depression and changes in transportation which eventually bankrupted the Strang Line Rail Company, Overland Park was so appealing to residents that its population grew to 28,000 by the time it was incorporated in 1960. Within the decade the City Hall, Corporate Woods Industrial Park, and both Metcalf South Shopping Center and Oak Park Mall were built. The population surpassed 100,000 residents in the 1980s and development continued into the 1990s.
Overland Park-Ks-downtown
Overland Park-Ks-downtown
During the ‘90s, historical downtown was renovated. Many buildings were repurposed and a Farmer’s Market was dedicated at the old clock tower. The city has continued to thrive in recent years. Annexations of surrounding areas have grown the city to 75 square miles and 188,000 residents. Redevelopment of the retail, business, and housing along Metcalf Avenue is in the works to include new apartments and mixed-use buildings. Boasting hundreds of business, including several national headquarters, eight colleges, a quality school system, several parks and public amenities, and easy access to Kansas City, Overland Park is truly a living testament to William B. Strang’s vision of this wonderful community.