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The Fireplaces and Chimneys of Roeland Park, Kansas


Original Masonry in Roeland Park
Original Masonry in Roeland Park
Modern Pre-Fab Chimney in Roeland Park
Modern Pre-Fab Chimney in Roeland Park

Timeless Local Beauty

Of the roughly three thousand homes in Roeland Park, over 90% have a hearth and/or venting system. This statistic speaks to the time period and lifestyle of early homeowners in this lovely community. Found in the heart of the metro, Roeland Park’s location (just a few minutes from the Plaza) was an early community that enjoyed the network of Kansas City. Because so many homes where built pre-1950, the hearths and chimneys of this area reflect the available materials and construction practices of that time.

Dedicated to the Health of the Hearth System

Because of the age of many of these homes and hearths is 70 or more years old, many of the chimneys and fireplaces subject to the common issues of elderly systems. The exterior of chimneys frequently needs attention. For example, the crown and chimney cap frequently have damage to them that require replacement to keep rain and animals out. The interior of these chimneys often has similar issues to that of other areas of the hearth. Damaged or missing clay flue liners and missing mortar joints between the tiles are common conditions in the flues we see in Roeland Park.

Irreplaceable Moments Around the Fireplace

We find ourselves in Roeland Park every week. Homeowners have come to know us as the friendly, trusted resource for all things chimney and fireplace. You too will come to find Full Service Chimney as a resource for venting maintenance and updating fireplaces and hearths. We’ll help you make it an enjoyable and comfortable area in your home. You’ll look forward to spending time with friends and family near your hearth.

Damaged Crown in Roeland Park needs repair
Damaged Crown in Roeland Park needs repair

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Roeland Park Chimney Sweep Inspection
Roeland Park Chimney Inspection

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A Quick History of Roeland Park, KS

Roeland Park is named after the Irish immigrant, John Roe, who purchased a farm and acquired land in the area from 1882 to 1893. The farm was located between what is now 59th street and County Line and between Mission Road and Nall Avenue. William Strang built part of his Strang Line railroad on Roe’s land due to an easement agreement between the two of them. The railroad enabled working-class families to settle on larger plots of land and new neighborhoods out in the country rather than the crowded Kansas City. The suburban sprawl prompted development on Roe’s land and John and his children sold off pieces of the property and built subdivisions on others.

Development and subdivisions of small communities continued for the next few decades. The communities on Roe’s farm consolidated to establish the town which was incorporated in 1951. A school and bank were built the following year. The location and area were appealing to families and it reached the maximum population in 1964 with 10,519 residents. The city now covers 1.6 square miles of land and has 6,700 residents. Roeland Park offers its residents quiet neighborhoods, parks, art, and convenient amenities.


Full Service Chimney inspects, cleans, and repairs Roeland Park chimney’s daily… as we’ve done for over 30 years! 

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