It was a wild ride to end the week as our Chimney Sweep got wind of an emergency situation and rushed out to a home on 41st & Warwick in Kansas City, MO to help save a cat named Marble from a chimney that was sealed from the inside.

The Midtown roommates Taylor, James, and Tuesday said they called everyone they could think to call, before starting the search for a KC chimney sweep.

During an Instagram Live Feed interview (after Marble was safe and sound), we were all joking around and they mentioned having a whole conversation about whether or not “Chimney Sweepers” still exist?!

Well, yes indeed… We are alive and sweeping chimneys!

Thank You to Our Understanding Customers

Our office takes our chimney appointments seriously and these type of emergency situations are rare.

Our customers told the office team Don’t Worry about it… Go Save the Cat!

We are extremely grateful to have such amazing clients who understood the last minute need reschedule. Not only did they understand but truly cared enough to ask us how Marble was doing after the fact!

Marble is doing very well thanks to another local company that showed up to help, Spay & Neuter Kansas City.

It’s moments like these when people come together and make us proud to be part of the Greater Kansas City community.

Thank you!

See original article posted on Fox 4 News WDAF-TV Kansas City by Melissa Stern and Stephanie Graflage

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