Upon inspecting a chimney at a customer’s home in Shawnee, our CSIA certified technician Jake, found several gaps and cracks in the flue liner. When damages such as these are found in a chimney it becomes unsafe and can cause problems, from a smoke smell to something more serious as catching your home on fire. Fortunately there is a remedy for this situation! For this customer we recommended a chimney flue reline in his Shawnee, Kansas home. In order to reline this chimney we first had to remove the current tiles because there wasn’t enough space with the tiles to fit our new stainless steel liner. After the insulated liner was installed, a new crown was poured and polished off with a new stainless steel chimney cap. After the chimney flue reline in Shawnee, Kansas this customer is now able to use his fireplace safely!
Eight, 5 gallon buckets full of clay tiles to complete chimney reline in shawnee, kansas
These are the clay tiles that had to be removed to make room for the stainless steel liner
New stainless steel liner needed to reline chimney in Shawnee, Kansas home

This is the new stainless steel liner we installed to the customer’s chimney

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