Fireplace Chimney Inspections

Recently Jake, Sam, and Robert enjoyed visiting an old customer of ours to complete a yearly inspection and to service his masonry heaters and direct vent fireplace. Masonry heaters are a unique type of fireplace that heat up the whole structure and will continue warming the home long after the fire goes out. A few years ago the liners to these masonry heaters needed repair because they suffered a chimney fire. To resolve this concern and bring these heaters to code so that they were safe for use we removed the defective liners and installed stainless steel liners with insulation. These stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty, so as long as the homeowner keeps up with the yearly inspections on the liners the warranty stays in tact. This customer is very good about calling us every year to have his masonry heaters as well as his direct vent serviced. As a result of their continued yearly inspections their flues were in great shape and just needed a cleaning. Being sure to complete yearly servicing and inspection on fireplaces can help save you money in the long run because we can catch concerns before the damage gets too severe.
Jake and Sam completing a yearly inspection on customer's masonry heater

Jake and Sam completing a yearly inspection on customer’s masonry heater

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