Fireplace Remodeling in the Kansas City Metro Area is a service provided by CSIA Certified Chimney Technicians at Full Service Chimney

Are you tired of the dated look of your fireplace?

Times change and your fireplace should be a reflection of your home’s style. There is no better time than the present, to make your fireplace dreams a reality!

Fireplace remodeling or renovation is what we at Full Service Chimney refer to as a “Fireplace Facelift“. There are many options and our team is trained in chimney and fireplace safety and skilled in the artistry of design. The Full Service Chimney concierge will work with you from start to finish, and as a team, we will create the fireplace of your dreams. The choice is yours…
Restore a fireplace to its original beauty or completely remodel and customize your fireplace as well as your chimney. The possibilities are endless!

Transform the look of your fireplace to a style that truly fits your home decor with Fireplace Remodeling

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