It’s National Fire Prevention Week. We’re here to teach you how to burn the fire you want… without starting one you don’t.


Chimney Fires are Preventable.

Here are 5 ways to keep the fire burning in the fireplace and avoid starting an unwanted chimney fire:

  1. Use only dry, seasoned wood.
  2. Making sure the wood is dry, is more important than the type of wood or whether it’s hard or soft wood. Find out what kind of wood is good to burn.
  3. If using a wood stove, install a stovepipe thermometer to monitor the flue temperature. Adjust as needed.
  4. Build a Better Fire. Place firewood or logs on a grate toward the back of the fireplace using the upside down method (aka “top-down method”). Watch a video tutorial on how to build an upside down fire.
  5. Inspect and clean the chimney and fireplace system annually.

Maintain Chimney & Fireplace Safety.

A few other things to consider to keep the hearth area safe:

  • Invest in a chimney cap to stop animals or other debris from entering the chimney. Unless you hear a strange rustling sound, often fires start burning before homeowners realize something has entered through the chimney top, that could be hazardous!
  • Keep the rooms hearth area clear. Any combustible or flammable material should be kept at a safe 36-inch distance away from the fireplace.
  • Using a fireplace screen can stop sparks from jumping out onto the carpet, rugs, or people standing too close.
  • Glass doors can help keep kids from getting burned. *Note: Some fireplaces cannot have glass doors installed. Our Certified Chimney Sweeps can help you determine whether glass doors are suitable for your particular fireplace set-up at the time of inspection.
  • Never burn trash, recyclables, or debris in a fireplace!
  • Always keep working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (aka C.O. Detectors) in the home.

How to Keep the Rest of the House Safe

Our focus is on chimney and fireplace safety (because… that’s what we do). Here’s a helpful video from FEMA regarding how to keep the rest of the homestead safe through the winter months:

Hopefully, these tips help to keep firefighters safe at the station, and out of your living room this burning season!


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Disclaimer: Information provided is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for contacting the appropriate professional. Call 911 in the event of a fire or other emergency.

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