Upon completing a chimney inspection, our CSIA certified technicians were surprised to find combustible material used as support for the hearth in front of the fireplace. Code requires the hearth and its supports to be free from combustibles beacuse of the heat transfer from the firebox floor out through the hearth. In order for this to meet code we recommended to the customer that we provide a hearth replacement in her Olathe, Kansas home. After giving the news to the safe conscious homeowner, she had our certified technicians remove the hearth and replace its combustible wood supports with a new hearth. The new hearth was poured with concerete and non-combustible supports so that she would now be able to use her fireplace safely. We left this customer with a safe chimney and no mess. She could not have been happier!

Completed hearth replacement in Olathe Kansas home

This is the completed hearth replacement in Olathe Kansas home as we wait for it to dry to be ready for the customer. As you can see we use lots of tarps to be sure that we do not make a mess!

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