As Sam, one of our CSIA certified technicians completed a camera inspection on a chimney in Olathe, Kansas he found several safety concerns that were a result of a flue fire. A damaged flue liner in this home was one of the more serious issues. Most, if not all of the flue tiles were cracked or broken. If a fire is burned, using wood or gas, in a flue that has this much damage exhaust may enter the home causing harm to those inside. As a result of this customer’s flue fire in Olathe Kansas, he had us out within weeks to reline the chimney. In this specific case, we first had to remove the clay tiles that lined the fireplace so that there would be room to install our stainless steel liner. After we installed a stainless steel liner with insulation the only concern that remained was the crown. This customer opted for a crown seal instead of a new poured crown. Sealing the cracks in his crown helped insure that water would not get in and damage the brickwork below. This customer now has a fireplace that he can use safely!
Flue Fire in Olathe Kansas leaves cracks in crown

Flue Fire in Olathe Kansas left chimney with cracked crown

After flue fire in Olathe Kansas Full Service Chimney seals the crown

After flue in Olathe Kansas damaged crown. We were able to apply crown seal to repair it

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