Sometimes homeowners feel that they can do any home project or repair. Well, when it comes to home safety especially involving fire, it’s best to leave this work to the professionals. This homeowner decided to clean his pre-fab chimney using his own makeshift ladder. Needless to say, he was unable to clean the built up creosote and his chimney suffered a severe flue fire. He was very lucky that neighbors noticed flames coming out of his chimney and his home did not catch fire. After the fire, the customer’s insurance company requested us to perform a very thorough chimney inspection. We found that the chimney was a complete loss and presented a report with recommended repairs.
For this job, we replaced the badly damaged flue liner with new black and stainless steel flue pipes including a new stainless steel cap. We also made sure to install and new ceiling support. We then took precise measurements for a custom built stainless steel chase cover that we installed. We also replaced the existing chimney siding and trim. We gave the new siding a fresh coat of paint because not only do we want our work and craftsmanship to be safe and reliable, but we want it to look great too!


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