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We offer a variety of repair and installation services to Gladstone and the surrounding area.  Our Certified Chimney Repair Technicians exceed the industry standard to provide our customers with the best experience and highest quality service.

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The Chimneys & Fireplaces of Gladstone, Missouri


As part of the sprawling Kansas City Metropolitan area, Gladstone is home to over 26,000 residents and resides just 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Although completely surrounded by Kansas City, homeowners in Gladstone still need access to a reliable and affordable chimney and fireplace services provider. As the original Kansas City chimney sweep, Full Service Chimney is proud to extend our services to the residents of Gladstone.

A Community that Loves Fireplaces

Gladstone is home to over ten thousand families. Many call the oasis in the middle of the metro home due to its reasonable cost of living and close proximity to the downtown and the airport. Having been a community of Kansas City metro from almost the beginning, the majority of housing growth occurred post-1950, so many of the homes are in excess of forty years old. With the useable lifespan of masonry being twenty years, and factory-built fireplaces ten, most of the fireplaces and chimneys either have been restored or are needing evaluation and restoration.

The fireplace
Damaged chimney needs repair old rooftop building exterior

No Longer is the Choice Only Wood or Gas Logs

Although most of the fireplaces here have an open design, with the expectation of open wood fires, the availability to breathe life back into these dated hearths is now a reality. Many homeowners want both a contemporary design and the safe operation that comes from modern wood and gas inserts and fireplaces. Full Service Chimney has been providing the residents of Gladstone with trusted advice and affordable options for over 36 Years.
Damaged chimney needs repair old rooftop building exterior

How Long Has it Been?

Wood burning inserts and fireplace are coming back into favor with hearth lovers in Gladstone. A return to the simple pleasures of tending a real wood fire is an enjoyment of the past that many families have missed. The restoration of traditional open fireplaces is a specialty of Full Service Chimney, and we have returned more hearths to safe function than any other company in the metro.

Questions? We are the Fireplace Experts

As you spend time in your home, how much more would those gathering with friends and family turn into moments of enjoyment with the addition of a cozy hearth to warm yourselves by? Allow Full Service Chimney a visit to understand your vision of a functional fireplace and chimney. All the better, ask about fireplace remodeling for a spectacular centerpiece that is enjoyed year round.

Wood burning stove in brick fireplace

Full Service Chimney regularly installs a gas exhaust liner kit in the original chimney, both preserving the delicate flue and returning the needed level of safety for the customer.

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A Quick History of Gladstone, MO

Though Gladstone was only incorporated in 1952, there were settlers in the area long before. The longest occupied home in the area is the Atkins-Johnson farm which was established in 1824 by the Allen family. The Atkins bought the land in 1834 and increased its property value from $1,600 to $7,000 through new buildings and additions to the home. The owner prior to the Atkins family donated one acre of land to what became the Big Shoal Baptist Church and Big Shoal Cemetery. Most of the founding members of the church and community are buried there. The farm was sold to the Johnson family in 1920. It was passed down through the family until 2005 when the city of Gladstone purchased what was left of the farm. They acquired the abandoned cemetery in 2009 and restored what they could of the headstones. The city now maintains the house and property as an interactive museum.

Present day Gladstone has a population of 27,000 residents. Although it has quite a few residents, the city is only eight square miles large. The city is made of many residential subdivisions but also provides residential and shopping areas. You may notice that residents have a cheeky sense of humor when you see that a few businesses and the city park are named “Happy Rock” instead of “Gladstone”. Most of its working citizens commute. Downtown Kansas City is ten miles away and the city is easily accessible by the highways that border it.

Your Gladstone, Missouri Fireplace Repair Professionals

Full Service Chimney sweeps have repaired and replaced tens of thousands of fireplaces and chimneys in the Gladstone, MO area. We can help you too!

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