Chimney Inspections

Annual Chimney Inspections

Everyone knows about sweeping, but chimney and fireplace inspections are just as important as keeping the chimney clean. Hearth evaluations are necessary because chimneys deteriorate from use and exposure to the elements.


Weather is not the only concern

Sometimes, our technicians run into situations where the chimney and fireplace are poorly built. Homeowners may not notice issues immediately, however, an improperly constructed system will not function properly for long, and often leads to dangerous conditions.


Uncover the Unseen

Annual inspection of a home's fireplace and chimney helps to discover unseen issues. Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps provide cost-effective solutions to maintain a safe and functioning chimney system year-round.

We Inspect & Service a Variety of Units: 
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Masonry Chimneys
  • Factory Built Units
  • Wood Stoves
  • Furnace & Water Heaters




A special camera system scans the interior lining of most masonry fireplaces. Allowing us to see areas not visible with merely a flashlight. A closed-circuit video inspection is necessary for any serious chimney evaluation.

3 Levels of Chimney Inspection

Our Certified Technicians offer three levels of chimney inspection. Providing homeowners the necessary chimney service depending on their level of need.

Fireplace-Inspection-Closed-Circuit-Camera-LightChimney-Scan-Video-Footage If an evaluation reveals a needed repair, then we offer a variety of options. From minor chimney repairs to complete restoration... 

We do it all... and we do it right.

The condition of a fireplace and chimney system is just as important as whether it's clean. Why? Because the decision to use a fireplace without knowing the chimney is safe, is risky! 

The Right Inspection, Every Time

Full Service Chimney provides the proper inspection, every time. When called to evaluate a hearth or venting system we follow a multi-point process, covering the various areas of a chimney system. Depending on the level of inspection warranted, the appropriate inspection is performed.

If the system is known to be absent of poor installation or deterioration from time and/or heavy use, a Level 1 inspection may be the type of evaluation needed. A Level 2 is the most common level of chimney Inspections. If after a Level 1 or 2 inspections, it is discovered that an unsafe condition may exist in a concealed area, we will perform a Level 3 inspection.

What the Level of Chimney Inspection means:

Level-1-Chimney-Fireplace-InspectionjpgLevel I:

The chimney inspection checks for blockages and the most accessible portions of the system.

Level II:

Accessible areas of the basement, attic, and roof are the places our Certified Chimney Sweep will visit during a level 2 chimney inspection. It includes a video inspection of the flue, to ensure the condition of the chimney flue liner is in serviceable condition. When warranted, they will perform a UV evaluation of hearths and chases, which ensures the fire stays in its place.

Level III:

A chimney and fireplace inspection that will dictate the removal of concealing material and determines the construction of otherwise unseen portions of the system.

Easy to Understand Report

The Certified Chimney Sweep that visits your home will explain the evaluation details completely. They discuss exactly what the report means for the homeowner. This process of documenting an inspection and explaining the findings fully is part of what makes Full Service Chimney the Best Chimney Sweep in Kansas City.

After the Inspection

Our customers can safely enjoy their hearth and fireplace with confidence because they understand the condition of their chimney and can make informed decisions for their home.

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Don't Forget:

Furnace & Water Heaters should be inspected annually too. Learn more about Utility Flue maintenance.




Searching for the right professional to best serve your homes maintenance needs can be a real challenge.

Once people start the search, many quickly realize that chimney systems are far more complex than they thought. Are you ready to get familiar with everything chimney?

Start your own research on our definitions page to better understand chimney lingo and help you make the best decision.

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