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The Fireplaces & Chimneys of Stilwell, Kansas


From Stand-Alone Community to Metro City

Stilwell Stone Chimney
Stilwell Stone Chimney
Stilwell wasn’t always the modern, cozy metro it is today. Rather, it started as a Civil War-era village. A portion of the homes are a century old, giving those homeowners a special pride. Along with that though comes special challenges to make their house a home. The chimneys in these older homes were originally state-of-the-art but now are in need of attention.
Chimneys and fireplaces built prior to 1945 are frequently missing essential components to keep those homes safe from fire and fumes. Even the homes built during the period of the 50s, 60s, and 70s have their own common issues. Going on 50 years of use, these flues often need repairs or rebuilding as often as any in the metro.
Stilwell Damaged Brick Needs Repair
Stilwell Damaged Brick Needs Repair

FSC Helps Hearths Work Safe with Sweep & Repair Services

For thirty years, the families of Stilwell have relied on Full Service Chimney’s certified experts for servicing and repairing their hearths and flues. Sweeping, inspecting, repairing, and relining are services we have helped the homeowners of this area with.

First, we inspect the system. Then, with the customers help, we formulate a repair that serves them best. Full Service Chimney understands that not everyone enjoys a wood fire. By interviewing the customer when evaluating the system, we can develop designs that serve that family beyond what they have now.

Fireplace Inspection by Full Service Chimney Sweep in Stilwell
Fireplace Inspection by Full Service Chimney Sweep in Stilwell

Keep Your Home and Hearth Safe

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A Quick History of Stilwell, KS

The small, unincorporated town of Stilwell began as a stop along one of the railroad lines from Kansas City to the Gulf Coast in 1886. The town, also known as Aubry Township, was allegedly named after the owner of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Churches were some of the first establishments in the area beginning in 1856.

Because it lies close to the state line, Aubry-Stilwell was a battleground for Red Legs and Jayhawkers during the Civil War. Legend tells that nearly every original building in town was burned by one side of the Civil War or the other. The town prospered, but in 1925, a fire destroyed a large part of the businesses. Unfortunately, it never recovered. The town has mostly remained small businesses and rural agricultural land until the last two decades.
Stilwell Historical Sign
Stilwell Historical Sign
Although it only has approximately 1,763 residents, nearby Overland Park has sprawled out, increased property value, and sparked new development. The elementary school is now part of the Blue Valley School District. In 2013, community members and officials gathered several times from Stilwell, Overland Park, and Johnson County to discuss the future of the town. A 15-year plan was established and agreed upon. Although Overland Park is developing around Stilwell, the town wants to remain independent and focus on a small town atmosphere that is inviting and accommodating to families and businesses of all sizes.

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