In the recent weeks we have seen a lot of rain and storms. With the rain we have received a lot of calls regarding chimney leaks. Some customers have even called because lightening has struck their chimney. Below is one masonry chimney that was recently struck by lightening. With each one of these calls we send out our CSIA certified technicians to complete a level 2 camera inspection. With the camera inspection our technicians are able to get a look at the interior condition of the chimney as well as the exterior. Upon looking at the exterior it was evident from the lightening strike that the chimney needed to be rebuilt from the roof up (seen in picture below). The lightening stike has also resulted in this customer experience chimney leaks. After the inspection, the customer called the same day to schedule the roof up rebuild as well as have the interior of the chimney repaired. We have this customer on the schedule to get this rebuild taken care of this week. We will also reline both of the fireplaces that go through this chimney so that both will be safe when he is ready to use the fireplaces this winter. Rebuilding the chimney and installing new caps will will not only restructure the chimney it will also help with the chimney leaks.

This is the result of the lightening strike

Result of lightening strike that hit a customer's chimney

After chimney is struck by lightening customer experiences chimney leak

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