Inaccurate Chimney Liner

On a daily basis we entrust ourself’s and our property to complete strangers, sometimes without knowing it, other times its with our full awareness. Whether it be with making sure our food order is made accurately without any allergen’s, crossing the street, or making decisions on your home that is both going to last and be a safe option for you and your family now and in the future. Well, all to often do we also entrust that people before us have made the correct decisions as well.

While most do make the best choice for both safety and comfort, there is the small percentage that do not. Whether it be from lack of knowledge, lack of professional help, or lack of resources. Last year our CSIA Certified technicians came upon a customer’s home who had one of these occurrences within their chimney in Lee’s Summit. After we completed an inspection and provided the homeowner with her report she decided to have another company out to complete her repairs we recommended.

She then had us out again in April to have her chimney cleaned and ready to use this fall. During the second inspection our technicians found some safety concerns that should have been address when the other company relined the chimney.  Our technicians discovered that the other company that had done the previous reline used an inaccurate chimney liner size. The technician also reviled that the smoke chamber was not parged with high-tempature mortar and there was no insulation surrounding the liner. Without these repairs completed properly, heat and exhaust could reach to combustibles within the chimney which could potentially cause a flue fire.

Everything about how the reline was installed told our certified technicians that it was not done up to the requirements of code. After weighing all of the safety issues and concerns with the home owner, they agreed that the risk of a house fire was too much for their comfort. After our technicians gathering all of the appropriate and accurate materials necessary, such as the properly sized liner and insulation, along with the high temperature mortar to parge the smoke chamber, they were ready to make the chimney safe again. Now the customer can sit comfortably around their fireplace with family and friends, and not have to worry of a potential chimney failure or house fire.

It is always important to make sure that you are making an educated decision when hiring someone else to preform work for you. Be sure to do your research and learn as much as you can about the process to make the most informed choice you can. Occasionally it may come at a price, but the quality of work will always be worth your money! That is the best way to prevent hiring someone that does low quality work, or work that is inaccurate! Like always be safe!!

Installing the accurate liner
Installing the accurate liner